Eric Trump: Syria Strikes Prove Donald Trump Not Working with Russia


Donald Trump’s son Eric claims his father’s decision to launch airstrikes against Syria should dissipate all rumors that he has close ties to Russia and show that he will not be “pushed around” by Vladimir Putin.

Talking to The Daily TelegraphEric Trump said there would be “no one harder” than Donald Trump in dealing with Vladimir Putin should he “cross us.”

He also revealed his sister Ivanka had a big influence on her father’s decision, as she was “heartbroken and outraged” by the alleged chemical attacks carried out by the Syrian regime.

Eric Trump’s comments come after his Donald Trump ordered a cruise missile strike against a Syrian regime military airbase, in an attempt to stop dictator Bashar al-Assad from slaughtering his own people.

The attack has been condemned from the Kremlin, with Russia currently providing military assistance to the Assad regime. On Tuesday, both Iran and Russia warned the U.S. that they will “respond with force” if they believe their own “red lines” are crossed in Syria.

Furthermore, Russian officials have confirmed that Vladimir Putin will not be meeting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson when he visits Moscow later this week. In 2013, Putin presented Tillerson with the Russian Order of Friendship award.

However, the attack may help to reduce the onslaught of allegations from Democrats that Donald Trump has close ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin, something which Trump has repeatedly denied, and for which no substantive evidence has been provided.

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