Iggy Azalea ‘figuring out’ her future with Nick Young

Iggy Azalea 'figuring out' her future with Nick Young

ATLANTA, April 13 (UPI) — Iggy Azalea hasn’t decided whether she’ll go through with her wedding to Nick Young.

The 25-year-old Australian rapper discussed her future with the 30-year-old Los Angeles Lakers star on Wednesday’s episode of The Bert Show after a leaked tape showed Young discussing other women.

“I’m still figuring it all out,” Azalea said of the scandal. “I think last year, the last year that I had, has kind of taught me maybe it’s best to just wait until it’s like a little more past tense before you kind of speak about necessarily how you feel about something.”

“When you’re in the heat of the moment or things are still progressing or coming out and you’re getting new information, the way you feel about things can change really quickly,” she elaborated. “It can go up and down. So I’m just kind of still figuring it out.”

The “Team” rapper refused to predict the likelihood of her marrying Young, explaining she just “needs to give it some time.” She also said she and the NBA player “will have to figure out” the future once she returns home from her press tour.

Azalea and Young made headlines in March after Young’s teammate D’Angelo Russell secretly recorded him discussing women he met while dating Azalea. An unknown source later leaked the video, and many speculated the couple would call off their engagement.

“That’s going good,” Azalea said of her engagement on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week. “W’re good. There isn’t [controversy] at home, just on the Internet.”

Azalea and Young have been together since 2013 and got engaged in June. The rapper revealed she and Young are postponing their wedding shortly before the video leaked, citing her upcoming tour.


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