Pastor confronts, kills carjacker in Walmart parking lot

June 19 (UPI) — A pastor in Washington state is being hailed a hero for confronting an armed carjacker in the parking lot of a Walmart store.

Authorities said the wild ending followed a number of carjackings by suspect Tim Day on Sunday in the Olympia area. Several people were injured in the process.

Police say Day, 44, eventually turned up at a Walmart store and fired rounds inside before he fled to the parking lot. Outside, investigators say he shot one would-be victim and fired at others who wouldn’t give up their vehicles.

Police said Day was ultimately confronted and shot by a 47-year-old pastor, who holds a concealed carry permit and saw the violence unfold.

Officials said Day died from his injuries.

The unidentified pastor, who is also an emergency medic for a local fire department, has been praised for his quick action.

“I thanked him for saving my life,” witness Robert Berwick told KIRO-TV. “He didn’t look like he had any regrets. I hope he doesn’t have any.”

Witness Megan Chadwick told KOMO-TV she huddled with her four children during the shooting.

“I thought we were in the clear as soon as we got out, and then I just heard four gunshots in a row, the cars crashing and the carts flying at us,” she said.

No one was injured inside the store.

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