SEIU Astroturfs May Day Protest to Disrupt LAX

SEIU Astroturfs May Day Protest to Disrupt LAX

Local Los Angeles talk radio station KFI reported that the SEIU May Day protest snarling traffic around Los Angeles International airport was Astroturfed. The vast majority of protesters at LAX were not the grassroots employees protesting working conditions but were, in fact, bused in by union organizers. But that was enough to delay flights by almost an hour.

Conservative talk show host Bill Carroll and reporter Jo Kwon exposed how SEIU bused in about 100 union goons to stage the LAX rally, because employees there voted to leave the union last year. 

Kwon interviewed Joe Conlin, the Regional VP of Aviation Safeguard, who explained that on December 30th of last year, more than 50% of the airport’s 435 employees voted to leave the union. Conlin explained that the SEIU is bullying LAX workers as payback:

SEIU is manhandling employers, saying “Don’t go to work.” … [Protesters] are grabbing [employees] saying “please don’t go to work.” … Our employees are really upset, they are coming in saying “they won’t let me go to work.”

So, LAX employees are not protesting. They don’t even want the SEIU representing them. SEIU organizers are there physically trying to prevent workers from going to their jobs. The SEIU “protesters” are just bullies with a union label.

Headline image: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times


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