Democrats, Warren Try to Push Scandal Behind Them

Democrats, Warren Try to Push Scandal Behind Them

Despite a recent poll showing independents souring on Warren over her claims of Native American ancestry, Massachusetts Democrats yesterday rallied around their beleaguered candidate, turning back a potential primary opponent, and setting up a November match-up with Sen. Scott Brown. Warren received the backing of 96% of delegates at the party’s state convention, despite two separate protests and a spirited challenge from progressive activist, Marisa DeFranco. 

One local source tells Breitbart News that he “had never seen such arm-twisting” as party leaders used to keep delegates from bolting to DeFranco. Their efforts were aided by Warren, who last week made her most extensive remarks on the heritage scandal. While her explanations raise many more questions about her claims and her actions over the years, it was, for now, just enough to keep the delegates in line yesterday. 

Expect the Democrats this week to use the vote of delegates to claim that the “issue” is now behind the campaign. The overwhelming vote among the delegates will be extrapolated to say that voters in general don’t care about the issue, although it is unclear how extensively voters are aware of the scandal. 

Look to see more national Democrats come out of their hiding and voice support for Warren. I would also expect the Warren campaign to trot out one or two Native American “leaders” to say they are comfortable with Warren’s statement and are even proud to count her among them. 

Democrats peddle in identity politics, which ultimately goes to the heart of the Warren scandal. Warren’s academic achievements and accomplishments somehow weren’t enough. She wanted that little langiape that is so important for progressives; association with some kind of “disaffected” group. It wasn’t enough for her to be a Harvard Law Professor; she wanted to be a minority Harvard Law Professor.

Which is why the announcement of a group of Cherokee’s contesting her claims probably rattled the Warren campaign. It caused one Democrat party official to awkwardly joke about Scott Brown’s “forked tongue” during the convention. A liberal radio host joked about how small a protest by Cherokee’s outside the convention hall was. So, yes, expect the Democrats to find some Native Americans to vouch for Warren. Sustained opposition from Cherokees is too potentially damaging for the Democrats. 

In the end, the Democrats got the nominee they wanted. But, they may have been short-sighted in avoiding a primary. Warren’s campaign over the last month has “not been ready for prime time.” What should have been a one or two day story has dragged on for weeks. A primary campaign, where she would be the overwhelming favorite, would have provided the campaign with valuable experience. She’s going to need that experience for the much tougher fight this November. 


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