Obamanomics: Almost 500,000 Federal Workers Make Over $100,000

Obamanomics: Almost 500,000 Federal Workers Make Over $100,000

According to a brand new book already striking fear in the hearts of public sector union bosses, America’s government workers may be the only men and women in the country still blessing their lucky stars for President Obama. Mallory Factor’s Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind claims that government employees make more money, work less, retire earlier, have greater job security, and have more retirement security than their private sector counterparts. No wonder Washington D.C. is getting rich while the rest of America suffers.

Here’s the bottom line, according to Shadowbosses: government service is now more lucrative than the private sector. Federal government workers reportedly averaged more than twice the salary and benefits of an average private sector worker. Even more unbelievably, there are fully 459,016 federal workers who make over $100,000 in salary – one in five federal workers.

They earn like that because many of them are members of public sector unions. And those unions work hand in glove with politicians – particularly Democratic politicians like Barack Obama – to ensure friendly people on the other side of the bargaining table. The corrupt cycle works like this: Democratic politicians negotiate rich wages and benefits for union members with taxpayer cash; the union members then pay union dues; the unions use that money to re-elect the Democratic politicians. Everybody wins, except the taxpayers.

Government unions work to ensure that spending on government employees takes precedence over all other priorities at the federal, state and local levels. That’s why in California, state employees and pensions eat up an enormous chunk of the state budget, even though the state is essentially bankrupt.

In fact, the selfishness of the public sector unions is beginning to create a break with private sector union associates, who are recognizing that their tax dollars are going to support their cousins. As the country grows ever closer to the fiscal cliff, how many more federal employees earning $100,000 can we take? And with Obamacare slated to add another 21 million unionized workers, how many more will there be?


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