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Ohio Dem Candidate Campaigns Against Obama, Pelosi

Ohio Dem Candidate Campaigns Against Obama, Pelosi

Ohio Democrat Charlie Wilson is running for a Congressional seat by campaigning against Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Wilson’s Republican opponent, Bill Johnson, has held the seat since defeating Wilson by 5 points two years ago. At the time, Wilson had held the seat for two terms, but Johnson successfully used Wilson’s “yes” vote on Obamacare to tie the congressman to Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and oust him during the conservative rout of November 2010.

In an effort to prevent himself from being identified with Pelosi this time around, Wilson is running a commercial in his district which counters Johnson. The commercial claims that Wilson voted against Pelosi 105 times during his two terms and also claims that he opposed Obama on various issues.

Several mainstream outlets are reporting that Obama has Ohio wrapped up in the presidential election, but Democrats in that state are running against his policies rather than for them.


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