NBC Poll: Approval of Obama Foreign Policy Plunges

NBC Poll: Approval of Obama Foreign Policy Plunges

Last month in the NBC/WSJ poll, Obama’s net approval on foreign policy was a commanding +14 points. 54% of registered voters approved of his handling of foreign affairs while only 40% disapproved. Democrats were even starting to cite this advantage as a powerful argument for his reelection. But, the turmoil in the Middle East and the storming of American embassies–and murder of American diplomats–has almost wiped out Obama’s advantage. 

In the latest NBC/WSJ poll, Obama’s net approval rating on foreign policy plunged from +14 to just +3. His approval rating dropped from 54% to 49%. His disapproval rating spiked from 40% to 46%. Keep in mind this latest poll is D+7 (D+5 if independent leaners are included). Also, the ratings are among registered voters, which has a built-in Democrat bias. 

With the tensions spreading through the rest of the world this week and the continuing deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan, Obama’s rating on foreign policy isn’t likely to improve before November. Other than attacking his opponent, Obama is running out of options to campaign on anything. The economy is clearly in a slowdown and now a new foreign crisis is looming. 

And, despite the media’s herculean efforts to distract from these developments, the voters are paying close attention. Look for Obama’s position in the polls to steadily erode over the coming weeks. 

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