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Paul Ryan to House Republicans: 'We Are Going to Win This Thing'

Paul Ryan to House Republicans: 'We Are Going to Win This Thing'

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan gave a “pep talk” to House Republicans on Thursday, telling them the Romney-Ryan ticket would win the presidential election.

“We are going to win this thing,” Ryan told House Republicans. 

According to The Hill, Ryan told House Republicans “this is going to be an up and down race,” and to not be distracted by the daily distractions. 

“They will try to make this about little things. We have taken all the tough votes and led,” Ryan said. “Here’s our commitment: We are going to make this about the big things. We need to go on offense and we need to give our constituents the choice of two futures.”

Ryan was in Washington to cast a vote in the House to block the Obama administration’s rule change to the Welfare Reform Act that gutted the work requirements. He spoke for less than 30 minutes and “energized” House Republicans. 

House Speaker John Boehner told The Hill that Republicans had already made more voter contacts than George Bush’s 2000 and 2004 campaigns and dismissed the “political handwringing by Washington insiders trying to make this race look like it’s over for the president who’s going to win.” 

Boehner said to think of election 2012 as a card game. 

Boehner said: “The president has played his cards. His economic policy has failed. His foreign policy has failed. His energy policy has failed. His cards are played. Mitt Romney has a plan to get our economy back on track.” 


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