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Tech: Meet the New Left, Same as the Old Left

Tech: Meet the New Left, Same as the Old Left

There’s a “new” Leftist alliance on the scene. 

What the New Internet Lobby Looks Like

The Internet Association formally threw open its doors for business Wednesday, unveiling the 14 Web companies that make up its membership (they include AOL, Amazon, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, RackSpace and Zynga, among others)….

Its launch, and its new chief…mark a turning point on Capitol Hill.

You may have noticed these names ring a bell or two.  Indeed, after you scratch off the thin layer of fresh Red paint, you find the same old Leftists, pushing the same old illegal and unpopular, failed and failing policies.

(S)everal different Internet groups have had similar purposes long before this Internet Association: The Internet Society; The Internet Engineering Task Force; Net Coalition;; The Open Internet Coalition; The Internet Defense League; The Internet Freedom Coalition; The Internet Alliance; The Internet Marketing Association; The Internet Commerce Association and The Internet Infrastructure Coalition.

These are all the same gaggle that pushed – and funded the push – for the government Internet power grab that is Network Neutrality

Yet this same group opposed SOPA-PIPA – the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act.  Because – they claimed – it was too much government intrusion on the Web.

On SOPA, they caterwaul things like:

…(I)t would be a mistake to adopt the…approach…The problem…is that they go after all the wrong problems…There are a whole bunch of issues involved with breaking the Internet and the way it works…

Internet censorship is coming to America …

Every site with user-generated content, including this one, would be put at risk…

But on Net Neutrality, it’s get-the-government-involved-at-all-costs – and complain that the government isn’t involved enough:

Julius Genachowski’s pretend net neutrality plan…. Genachowski’s own statement…portends the expected disaster.

The big telecom companies have claimed network neutrality violates their First Amendment rights…. But free speech is a two-way street and includes access to information…. What threatens the Internet’s valuable democratic and participatory nature now isn’t the government, but corporate censorship…

Let us remember that there is literally no such thing as “corporate censorship” – at least as far as the Constitution is concerned. The First Amendment states in part that:

“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”

It provides protection only from/against – the government. You may or may not like what companies at any time do or do not do. But whatever it is – or is not – it is never a First Amendment violation. By definition.

So, again, the Left claims that Net Neutrality is a protection against censorship. When it dramatically increases the role of the only actual censorship agent there is – government.

In Reality, these New-Old Leftists were opposed to SOPA-PIPA because they are universally against any sort of private property rights – and thus any enforcement thereof. 

They are, after all, the “Spread the Wealth Around” crowd.  The “In Favor of Redistribution” crowd. They are the ones wanting the government to go even farther in commandeering control of the privately built, privately owned Internet networks.  They are the ones forcing these private property owners to rent their government-crony competitors access at absurdly low government-mandated rates.

This gaggle is just the latest in a very long line of “public interest groups.”  And as we know:

Leftists Don’t Form ‘Public Interest’ Groups-They Form Government Interest Groups

The underlying theme throughout is the advancement of as much government as possible – all the while as much as possible disrupting the free market and destroying or silencing those opposed.

Under the fraudulent guise of advancing the “public interest.”

By which they of course mean government interest.

After all, Media Marxists are… Marxists. And growing the government interest is what they do.

This latest re-formation is made up of the Media Marxist Crony Socialists – again, they want government to continue to force others to give them free stuff.  It’s called rent-seeking – and it ain’t pretty:

In economics, rent-seeking is an attempt to obtain economic rent by manipulating the social or political environment in which economic activities occur, rather than by creating new wealth. One example is spending money on political lobbying in order to be given a share of wealth that has already been created.

Which reminds us:

Google: We Want Net Neutrality to Redistribute Your Wealth to Us

Please remember just how Crony-close to the Barack Obama Administration are the likes of “new” Alliance members Google and Facebook.

These are the same old Leftists – with a new veneer for a different obfuscated day.


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