Liberal Super PAC: McConnell's 'Chinese' Wife Reason for Jobs Shipped Overseas

Liberal Super PAC: McConnell's 'Chinese' Wife Reason for Jobs Shipped Overseas

The Democratic Party is supposedly the repository of anti-racism, but if their treatment of conservative minorities is any indicator, that’s an outright lie. The latest example of Democratic xenophobia comes from Kentucky, where a liberal Super PAC called Progress Kentucky has now begun attacking McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao with special focus on her race. The group tweeted on February 14: “This woman has the ear of (Sen. McConnell) – she’s his wife. May explain why your job moved to China!” The Super PAC responded, “It’s not an official statement. It’s a Tweet …. People make mistakes in Tweets. It happens. Inferring that Elaine Chao is not a US citizen was not our intention.”

No, but implying that Chao’s Taiwanese background made her interested in shipping jobs overseas clearly was.

That’s not the only problematic message emanating from Progress Kuntucky. Another missive from them stated that Chao’s “Chinese” cash was buying elections. The group’s spokesman, Curtis Morrison, said that they were just trying to raise awareness about the influence of “Chinese interests,” according to local reports. “We’re not after anybody because they are an immigrant,” said Morrison, “but I think it’s fair to question whether or not there’s a conflict of interest.”

Based on what? Nothing. But Chao is a prominent Republican and a woman and a minority. So that makes her fair game, according to the left.


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