Obama: No Debate on Climate Change

Obama: No Debate on Climate Change

Barack Obama is an impatient man–with those who deny man-made climate change. 

Obama said Wednesday at a Chicago fundraiser that he’s fed up with those who disagree with him over the validity of climate change:

If I’ve got somebody who has a different approach to dealing with climate change — I don’t have much patience for people who deny climate change, but if you’ve got creative approaches, market-based approaches, tell me about them. If you think I’m doing it the wrong way, let me know. I’m happy to work with you.

The President further asserted, “We also know that the climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or 10 years ago.” 

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who was sworn in May 21, made a similar statement at that ceremony: “Let me make it very clear that there is no ambiguity in terms of the scientific basis calling for a prudent response on climate change. I am not interested in debating what is not debatable.”

Obama has previously said he will create new executive actions if Congress does not pass a major energy reform bill. Opponents of such measures say they will place an undue burden on businesses and achieve a marginal–if noticeable at all–effect on the world’s weather systems.


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