Caught On Camera: Cop Kicks, Confiscates Pro-2nd Amendment Sign

Caught On Camera: Cop Kicks, Confiscates Pro-2nd Amendment Sign

A police officer from Somers Police Department in New York has been caught kicking and then taking a pro-Second Amendment sign from the yard of Jon Gibson of Lake Lincolndale, New York.

Gibson’s sign said, “Protect the Second Amendment,” with a silhouette of an AR-15 across the top. 

It had been stolen three times previously, so Gibson installed a camera on his rural property to catch the culprit. He said he was shocked that his camera captured photos of an officer in uniform kicking and then taking the sign. 

Speaking to Fox News, Gibson said: “I was in total disbelief to see such criminal behavior from a law enforcement officer.”

Somers Town Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy says the sign was taken down because it was withing 15 feet of the road–a “right of way” violation by city ordinance. She said the photos of the officer kicking the sign were taken when he was trying to loosen it to pull it out of the ground.

Gibson refutes this claim, saying he’s never received a citation or warning that the signs were in the right of way. He also said: “This isn’t about the Second Amendment. My First Amendment and even Fifth Amendment rights have been violated.” 

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