Anti-Capitalist Bill Ayers Got $1200 for 75 Min Talk on Illinois College Campus

Anti-Capitalist Bill Ayers Got $1200 for 75 Min Talk on Illinois College Campus

Breitbart News has learned that the radical-militant, anti-capitalist activist Bill Ayers was paid $1200 for a 75 minute talk at the Elgin Community College Humanities Center on Thursday in Illinois. Jeff Julian, from the school’s marketing and communications department also confirmed with Breitbart News that the stipend Ayers received was funded by taxpayers’ dollars.

Ayers lecture, “Democracy and Education: Teaching for Liberation,” drew a full house at the community college campus, with students and supporters as well as a few vocal-local Tea Party activists who objected to Ayers introduction to students without “proper disclosure from the school about his complete radical past,” said one attendant.

Ayers was introduced to the students as “Dr. William Ayers,” a “distinguished professor” and “scholar,” among many other accolades. Left out however, were any references to his involvement with the terrorist anti-war organization of the 1970’s, that he co-founded, The Weather Underground. The militant group was responsible for several bombings prior to the end of the Vietnam War, including bombings of the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon.

Ayers claims that the group never killed of harmed any people, however, three members of the Weather Undergound, Diana Oughton, Ted Gold, and Terry Robins were killed in an townhouse explosion in New York on March 6, 1970. While Ayers never served time in prison for his involvement with the group, many other members did.

Tea Party activists in attendance questioned Ayers over any role The Weathermen allegedly played in a 1970 San Francisco police department bombing, that left Sergeant Brian McDonnell dead. The case of McDonnell’s murder has never been in solved, and San Francisco police officers union leaders have accused the Weather Underground of being responsible for the attack.

Ayers responded to one request for a comment on the bombing, “that’s a terrible tragedy, but not only did the Weather Underground never claim credit for it, but was also was charged with it.”

Beverly Perlson of The Band of Mothers asked Ayers to go to the San Francisco police to answer questions that still remain about the bombing that killed Sergeant McDonnell. Ayers told Perlson he would not. Perlson asked, “why not, if you say you are innocent?” Ayers responded, “for the same reason I wouldn’t go to Moscow and turn myself in for some other fantasy…”

Below is a clip from the Q&A at Thursday’s event, where in response to a student’s question about Ayer’s opposition to “Government and Wars” and the “servicemen who serve in the wars,” goes on a tangent to explain his belief in compulsory service for every citizen beginning at age 18, and “one year of service at 28, one year of service at 38, 48, and 58, and then you are free.”

Perhaps then, you can go on to bash capitalism under the auspices of improving eduction for $960 an hour.

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