41 September Homicides in Rahm's Chicago, Murders Exceed 2011 Pace

41 September Homicides in Rahm's Chicago, Murders Exceed 2011 Pace

After Chicago recorded a terrible homicide total of 53 in August, September wasn’t much better for Rahm’s “world class” city. The city suffered 41 homicides, 30 of which resulted from 184 total shootings

September brings more bad news for Chicago residents. While Mayor Rahm Emaunel, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, and the Chicago media have continued to hammer the point that the “crime rate is down,” and “murder is down,” as of September 22, the homicide total for 2013 now exceeds the rate up to the same date in 2011 by two percent at 350, according to the Chicago Police Crime Data Portal.

DNA Info reports that four more were killed (3 shot, 1 stabbed) this past weekend, with 13 total shootings, bringing the number killed in October thus far to seven, with 27 shootings.

September saw a spike in other crimes as well, with criminal sexual assaults up six percent by September 22 compared to last year and felony theft up two percent for the same period.

In the coming days, Breitbart News will be bringing video coverage from Chicago’s south side, with interviews from parents of murdered children, former gang members, aldermen, and last week’s explosive Committee on Public Safety hearing.

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited to clarify that the murder rate for 2013 has outpaced the same date in 2011.

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