Obamacare Website Users Say Site Led Them to Phishing Page

Obamacare Website Users Say Site Led Them to Phishing Page

And now there is another problem with the Obamacare rollout: the Washington, D.C., insurance exchange has led customers enrolling to a fraudulent website. Richard Sorian, director of communications, education and outreach for the exchange, claimed that there have only been two reports asserting that the customers have been misled. He explained to The Hill, “It’s one of those phishing expeditions that unfortunately arise when our website center is being frequented by the public. It’s not something internal to our system. We’re investigating to see if we can find out what’s going on.”

Although officials working with the government website have been cautioning since its launch for customers to avoid inputting personal information, such as PIN numbers, the problem is cropping up. Sorian insisted, “We’re taking it seriously, but it’s not a major problem.”

Sorian continued that as of Friday morning, thousands of government bureaucrats had enrolled in a health plan through the website, catalyzed by the Monday, December 8 deadline if they wanted their premiums to be partially subsidized by the federal government. He said, “Nearly half of those eligible have already completed their applications. More than a third have chosen their new health plan and have completed their enrollment. Most people did this online.”

But Rep. Mike Rogers, (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Thursday that the website should be closed until its security measures are fixed.


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