Out Of Touch Corporations Abandon Duck Dynasty and Boy Scouts

Out Of Touch Corporations Abandon Duck Dynasty and Boy Scouts

In the same week that Cracker Barrel abandoned Duck Dynasty, Lockheed Martin abandoned the Boy Scouts. The details of the two issues were different, but the cause was the same–an out-of-touch corporate mentality.

As Breitbart News reported on December 21, Cracker Barrel climbed aboard the anti-Duck Dynasty bandwagon on December 20th by pulling “selected products which [they] were concerned might offend some of [their] guests.”

A day earlier Lockheed Martin halted donations to the Boy Scouts because they were offended over the Boy Scouts’ ban on gay Scout Leaders. As Breitbart News reported, Lockheed Martin said they believe the Boy Scouts accomplish good in our communities but “their policies that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and religious affiliation conflict with Lockheed Martin policies.” 

Intel, Merck & Co., and UPS Inc. have abandoned the Boy Scouts as well. 

The actions of all these businesses and corporations are of a cloth with those A&E took on December 18th, when they abandoned Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson because he answered a reporter’s question honestly. 

A GQ reporter asked Robertson to describe something that “he found sinful” and he did. Afterward, A&E suspended him “indefinitely.” 

The corporate mentality driving these moves is completely out of touch with the very Americans these corporations claim they are trying not to offend. 

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