Chelsea Clinton: Gay Rights the Primary 21st Century Human Rights Issue

Chelsea Clinton: Gay Rights the Primary 21st Century Human Rights Issue

Chelsea Clinton, whose own personal resume makes her a woman of rather doubtful  importance, weighed in on what should be the chief focus for human rights advocates in the 21st century. Speaking as a keynote speaker for a Human Rights Campaign conference in Las Vegas, did she say that slavery issues around the globe, or human trafficking, or mass atrocities in countries from Mexico to the Sudan should be primary in the minds of human rights advocates?

No, she did not. Instead, the daughter of Hillary Clinton first mentioned women, no doubt to remind people that Hillary is banking on her appeal as a female candidate in 2016, but then segued to what she felt was the most important human rights issue-gay rights. She pontificated:

My mother has often said that the issue of women is the unfinished business of the 21st century. That is certainly true. But so too are the issues of LGBTQ rights the unfinished business of the 21st century … Changing laws and changing the political dialogue while necessary is insufficient to ensure that bullying stops; to ensure that every young person is supported by their parents and their teachers as they question who they are and they discover who they are regardless of the sexuality.

Clinton made sure to note Jason Collins, the NBA veteran who announced that he was gay last April, and actress Ellen Page, who announced she was gay at the same Las Vegas conference. She also shockingly said she favors her mother, saying, “I am unapologetically biased towards both of my parents. I am glad there are some people in the audience who agree. I am unlimitedly their daughter. I will support my mother in whatever she chooses to do. And my crystal ball is no more clear than yours.”