Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray Moved to Tears by Joe Biden, Obamacare

Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray Moved to Tears by Joe Biden, Obamacare

Celebrity chef and daytime TV show host Rachael Ray became choked up while talking to Vice President Joe Biden on the last day of Obamacare enrollment. 

On the verge of tears, Rachael shared a family story of how Obamacare helped her brother and was visibly moved to tears in her gratitude to Biden for helping to bring Obamacare to Americans and allowing her brother and others get insurance even though they have preexisting conditions.

Staring at an immense larger-than-life video screen of Biden, she held back her tears while she and the vice president cautioned everyone who didn’t have insurance to get in “queue” and sign up. Biden said he was really surprised to see how well Obamacare has turned out. McKinsey & Co. would also be surprised, because, according to their latest report, only 715,000 of Obamacare’s paying customers were previously uninsured. At a cost of $2.8 trillion to the taxpayers over the next ten years, it hardly seems worth it.

Biden kept repeating, “Get in the queue… Now. Get in the queue; there is still time today.” Ray asserted that Obamacare is “such an important resource.” The Vice President went on to say that if people lose their jobs or if they are not working, they can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Biden said it is just “amazing” what the new law can do to bring peace of mind.

Ray said it was important for young people to take advantage of the new healthcare law–and just because they feel strong and healthy, there will come a time when they will be glad to have insurance. She begged viewers to please tell any of your friends that don’t have Obamacare to get it.

Biden then pleaded with young people, while setting a new standard for blatant demagoguery: “if you don’t need this for your peace of mind, do it for Mom. Do it for your Dad.” Biden then looked directly into the camera and repeated, “Get health coverage. Do it for Mom. Do it for Mom.” Ray repeated how wonderful it was that Obamacare was available for everyone.


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