Rubio Hints He May Run for President if Democrats Control Senate after Midterms

Rubio Hints He May Run for President if Democrats Control Senate after Midterms

On Sunday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) suggested that he may run for president in 2016 if Democrats retain control of the Senate after the November midterm elections.

In an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation, Rubio said he would “have to make decision in 2016 either way, because I’m up for re-election in the Senate and for me it’s not going to be about the position.”

“It’s going to be about where can I best advocate for a 21st century reform agenda that allows us to usher in another American century,” he said. “The decision I have to make is can I best do that as a senator or can I best do that as running and hopefully winning the presidency.” 

Rubio then implied he may take the plunge in 2016 if Republicans do not win the six seats they need to take back the Senate — meaning his potential presidential prospects would have improved had President Barack Obama already enacted his executive amnesty. Over the weekend, Obama decided to delay his executive amnesty until after the midterms to help Democrats keep control of the Senate. 

“And that is a question I’ll have more clarity on after this midterm, because I can promise you this, the one place where I will not be able to do that from is a Senate that is still run by Harry Reid, that allows no votes on anything of substance or importance,” Rubio said of how he could best advocate for his agenda. 

Rubio was a frontrunner in many early 2016 polls — before he went all-in on the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill last year. But his poll numbers plummeted in early nominating states like Iowa after he became the face of the Senate’s comprehensive amnesty bill, which would legalize at least 11 million illegal aliens competing with American workers for employment.  


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