Reid Eye Injury Requires Surgery

Youtube Screencap
Washington, DC

Calling it “a necessary step to assist in recovering full vision,” doctors for 75-year-old Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid say he will need surgery following a recent accident said to have happened while he was exercising at home.

The statement went on to say Reid is not expected to be hospitalized long and would be released “quickly” after the procedure.

He suffered the eye injury as well as broken ribs on New Year’s Day, when a piece of exercise equipment he was using broke and sent him smashing into cabinets at his new home in Nevada.

The Nevada Democrat has said the injuries won’t prevent him from running for a sixth term next year, and his office has worked hard to emphasize that he is continuing to work while he’s been recuperating.

It released a photo of Reid meeting at his Washington home last week with other members of the Democratic leadership, and recently announced federal funding for his home state of Nevada.

The statement also said Reid “will continue to maintain a busy schedule next week as his right eye heals.”

Asked Tuesday by reporters how he was feeling, he replied, “Not bad,” and said his injured eye was “doing better.”

Later in the day, he visited the doctor and learned surgery would be necessary.