Man Allegedly Pins Down Ex-Girlfriend, Hits Her, Gets Shot in the Chest

REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch
REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch
Maplewood, MN

On January 25, a Maplewood, Minnesota, man allegedly pinned down his ex-girlfriend, punched her in the face, and then got shot when she pressed a gun to his chest and pulled the trigger.

45-year-old Daniel A. Carlson allegedly “threatened to kill” the unnamed 29-year-old woman before attacking.

According to the Star Tribune, “Carlson previously rented a room in the woman’s basement,” and the two became romantically involved. In “early January the woman asked [Carlson] to move out and took his key.” When he showed up on January 25, she knew something wasn’t right, so she retrieved her handgun.

Inside the house, Carlson allegedly “climbed on top of her and hit her in the head several times.” As he did, the woman raised the gun, “pressed the barrel against his right chest” and fired one round.

Although shot, Carlson continued beating the woman and managed to take the gun away from her, but not before she was able to unload it. The woman then ran outside and Carlson ran after her, only to collapse in driveway.

She dialed 911, and when police arrived, “Carlson was sitting on [her] front step.” He allegedly told police he was guilty and that “[he] was just trying to get answers.”

The bullet entered the front of Carlson’s chest and exited his back. He was “charged with making terroristic threats and domestic assault.” Without her firearm, this confrontation could have had tragic results for the woman.

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