Clintons Not “Truly Well Off,” Just Super Rich

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

A Politico report has uncovered that former President Bill Clinton has received $16 million of your tax dollars to help subsidize his cigar-smoking habit.

Well, maybe “Bubba” didn’t spend all the money on cigars, but receiving this amount of taxpayer loot is troubling, considering that the former president has earned $3.2 million in presidential salary during his stint over at the White House, and has received an annual $200 thousand pension since 2001, in addition to the earned $106 million in speaking fees he has earned since leaving office.

Wait; let’s not forget about his wife Hillary, who has made millions of dollars from her years in public service and her lucrative book deals.

The Clintons are rich, regardless of Hillary’s comment that they were “not truly well off” when she was trying to explain a prior comment that she made–that because she and Bill were “dead broke,” they were forced to hit the speaking circuit after he left the White House.

Just 16 months removed from sitting atop the State Department, Hillary Clinton has earned $12 million in total income.


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