NYPD Officer Brian Moore Killed With Stolen Gun


On May 2 Demetrius Blackwell allegedly shot New York Police Department Officer Brian Moore in the head, and Moore succumbed to his injuries on May 4.

The gun used in the attack against Moore was stolen.

The New York Times describes how Moore was shot:

It was about 6:15 p.m. on Saturday when Officer Moore steered his unmarked police sedan toward a man whom he and his partner observed walking on a quiet street in Queens Village and adjusting his waistband in what the police said was a suspicious manner.

They pulled up behind him and as they began talking to him, the police said, the man turned and fired at the car. Officer Moore was struck in the cheek and had trauma to his brain, officials said. Officer Moore’s partner, Officer Erik Jansen, was not hit.

Two days later, on May 4, police recovered the .38 revolver believed to have been used in the shooting. The gun “was among 23 reported stolen in October 2011 from Little’s Bait & Tackle Pawn Shop in Perry, Ga.”

The five-shot revolver still had “two live rounds” in it, which means three rounds were fired at Moore and his partner.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) heaved a massive amount of gun control onto the backs of New Yorkers via the SAFE Act following the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary. That act included an “assault weapons” ban, a gun registration scheme, a “high capacity” magazine ban, and universal background checks, among other things.

None of these things impact the behavior of criminals.

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