Bristol Palin Owes No Apology, Internet Trolls Do

bristol palin
Todd Williamson/Invision/AP

Drug addict celebrities who fall off the wagon again and again are praised. A woman becomes pregnant, chooses life, and gets attacked. This is the upside down world we are living in. It’s also the latest development in the saga of ‘How The Palins Turn’ or perhaps more appropriately How (Everything) The Palins (Do Makes Someone’s Head) Turn (Spin).

Bristol Palin announced via her blog that she is pregnant. The 24-year old already has a son after choosing life in 2008 and becoming a teen mother. Now, she’s expecting again and once again she is unmarried. And?

The vitriol on this topic has been shameful and sick. Palin’s pregnancy was labeled “a great argument for abortion” by Gawker. While progressives predictably piled on, so-called conservatives took their shots on social media as well. They call Palin a “disgrace” and demand she seeks “repentance.” If she does, she won’t be asking it from those hateful bullies hiding behind their keyboards.

Bristol Palin unintentionally got pregnant and is now choosing life. So? The big holier-than-thou argument is that because Palin speaks about abstinence before marriage, she’s a hypocrite for becoming pregnant herself. These things are not mutually exclusive. Palin’s words to girls about abstinence are undeniable. The only 100-percent way to not become pregnant is through abstinence. That is still true. Her second pregnancy is living proof. Palin speaks from experience about the difficulties of being a single mom.

Now that she is pregnant again, Palin has let the world know with an honest, raw blog post. She basically apologizes for her big news. “I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you,” Palin wrote. Appreciated commentary but also unnecessary. She has nothing to be sorry about for choosing life again and for her intentions to raise another wonderful child.

You’d think she did something so awful. The tweets and Facebook posts suggest she’s a downright villain.

Let’s call it what it really is. This is just another case of the haters waiting for someone they already hate to have a problem so they can go after them full throttle. They’re loaded for (mama grizzly) bear.

We’ve seen this countless times before. A soldier dies in Iraq — blame Bush. A storm hits — talk global warming. A crazy man shoots up a school or theater or church — grab the guns. Heck, they even do it in sports. When media darlings Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were suspected of using steroids, it was a sad day for reporters, but when Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were allegedly juicing, the vultures swooped down. Why? Because they already couldn’t stand them and now they had a little ammo. It’s Alinsky tactics all the way.

Internet “trolls who have nothing better to talk about,” as Palin puts it in her blog, get their thrills off of bashing a young woman they don’t even know. That says something about them and not about her. Something extremely negative and frankly deprived.

Others are upset about how Palin’s pregnancy could affect a potential run for office by her mother. Really? We’ve elected a community organizer who wants to fundamentally change America. We’ve elected a womanizing draft dodger. Yet, Sarah Palin will be unelectable for being an awesome grandmother? Talk about convoluted logic. Whether the former Alaska governor runs or not has very little to do with the make up of her family. Obama’s father was a philanderer. Clinton’s brother was a clown at best. Sarah Palin’s daughter chose not to have an abortion.

So, Bristol Palin is pregnant even though it wasn’t planned. All that really means is another wonderful child will be brought up with a lot of love by a wonderful family. It seems there’s plenty of good news here, too.

Many blog and speak about substance abuse yet go back to their bad habits. Many say they won’t do some very horrible things after a first transgression yet fail again. This woman is going to have a baby. Hopefully a wonderful, healthy child just like her son. What’s the big deal? I know I mess up all the time. But I keep trying. None of us is perfect.  It’s not like she blogged about not molesting kids or not murdering grandmas or not eating horses and then did so. She got pregnant. It happens.

Bristol Palin got it very right in her latest blog post. “Tripp, this new baby, and I will all be fine, because God is merciful,” said Palin. God’s got this. Palin may apologize to Him, but she certainly doesn’t owe one to anyone else. Especially those with an agenda bashing her online solely because they already had a visceral hatred for her and her mother.

If Palin donned some jorts and proclaimed “Call Me Oscar” she’d be lauded as courageous. Instead she’s condemned for not fitting the narrative of Palin bashers.

From all accounts, Palin has been a terrific mother to her thriving 7-year old boy despite a less than ideal situation. All signs point to her doing the same for her second child. That’s nothing to be sorry about.


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