Jeff Flake to PBS: Trump ‘Not Serious’ Candidate, Remarks on Illegal Immigration ‘Laughable,’ ‘Offensive’

AP file photo

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), the “Gang of Eight” Senator who was unsuccessful in trying to pass massive comprehensive amnesty legislation, believes Donald Trump’s is not a serious candidate and his comments about illegal immigration are “laughable” and “offensive.”

Though Trump is leading in every state and national poll–and by considerable margins–Flake said last week on an Arizona PBS station that he was is not a Trump fan and, “I don’t think it’s a very serious candidacy, frankly.”

According to The Hill, Flake claimed that Trump’s “offensive” and “laughable” comments about building a border wall and illegal immigrants will not broaden the GOP’s appeal. Flake, though, conceded that voters are supporting Trump because they are expressing “displeasure at Washington” and “at the status quo” that Flake represents.

He also said that, “as we get into next year, and we look seriously about someone who can lead this country and lead the most powerful country in the world, then I think we tend to look a little more carefully and that will come.”

Though Flake and those in the GOP establishment, many of whom have not even seriously read Trump’s immigration plan, reflexively dismiss Trump and his immigration proposals as “unserious,” even the left-leaning New Yorker noted that Trump’s “detailed” immigration proposal “may compel them to have the kind of policy discussion that Presidential campaigns are, in general, designed to avoid.”

“For a time, it seemed that Trump’s campaign might be merely a spectacle, albeit a captivating one,” the New Yorker wrote. “But with the release of his plan, he seems to have started something even more engrossing: a substantive political debate.”