Bombshell Letter Accuses Planned Parenthood of Stonewalling Law Enforcement

Hackers threaten to release Planned Parenthood internal emails

The Center for Medical Progress delivered a blistering letter to Congressional leadership today accusing Planned Parenthood of violating numerous federal laws and of stonewalling law enforcement who may be investing charges against the abortion giant.

The letter is a response to a letter Cecil Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, sent to Congressional leaders last week making charges against CMP and its founder David Daleiden.

Daleiden’s letter today turns Richards’ letter against her. Daleiden tells Congressional leaders that Richards’ letter is an admission that “that multiple Planned Parenthood affiliates have recently received payments of $45 to $60 ‘per tissue specimen’ from various Tissue Procurement Organizations (TPOs)” and that “abortion procedure ‘adjustments to facilitate fetal tissue donations’ may occur at Planned Parenthood facilities.”

Daleiden says both admissions are “prima facie…that Planned Parenthood sells aborted fetal tissue, that Planned Parenthood changes the abortion procedure in order to get saleable tissue, and that there is knowledge and approval of these practices from the top of the organization on down.”

On the question of receiving “$45 to $60 per tissue specimen,” Daleiden says in her letter Richards is referring to Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest which has had a ten year relationship with Advanced Bioscience Resources, a tissue procurement organization, that “handles all dissection, packaging, and shipping of fetal organs and tissues.” He says, “…so it is unclear for what [Planned Parenthood] could be receiving ‘reimbursement.’”

He says the taking of a liver and thymus from an aborted baby would net Planned Parenthood $120 for no work at all. He calls this “a criminal profit.” Daleiden says, “Therefore, records of Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest’s relationship with Advanced Bioscience Resources for the past 10 years will be hughly relevant to the Committees’ inquiries.” He asks Congress should get copies of Advanced Bioscience Resources’ “procurement logs, records of payment to Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest or officers, and communications between or Advanced Bioscience Resources and Planned Parenthood’s national office…”

Daleiden charges Planned Parenthood with changing its internal medical guidance in order to cover up the way fetal tissue is sold. He says, “Richards’ letter cites a May 2015 guidance from PPFA on ‘Programs for Donation of Blood and/or Aborted Pregnancy Tissue for Medical Research’ that PPFA claims tracks with the federal law on fetal tissue payments, but versions of this same guidance from 2005 and 2011 make no mention of the payment issue whatsoever. In fact, the previous versions of the guidance show that between 2005 and 2011, PPFA chose to stop monitoring affiliate fetal tissue programs as part of the affiliate recertification process.”

Daleiden says Richards comment that her abortionists “adjust” abortion procedures “in order to obtain high quality fetal tissue specimens” a stunning admission. Daleiden points out this is a violation of federal law. He once more charges that Planned Parenthood affiliates have violated the federal law against partial birth abortion, the feet-first delivery of a live baby up to her head and then the puncturing of the skull to kill the child in the nearly complete process of being born.

A key part of the Planned Parenthood letter to Congress was an attack on the editing of the videos delivered thus far. The charge is that the videos have been doctored. Planned Parenthood hired a political opposition research firm to write the report of a forensic investigator. Daleiden points out the analysis “did not reveal widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation” and “shows no evidence of audio manipulation.” He says his group is willing to hand over all raw video and audio to law enforcement officials.

Daleiden’s letter contained several attachments including the Planned Parenthood patient release form for fetal tissue donation that says, “I understand there will be no changes to how and when my abortion is done in order to get my blood or the tissue”, something that Planned Parenthood now admits they violated.

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