Whitey Bulger Accomplice Claims FBI Agent Gave Him Explosives to Blow Up Boston Radio Host Howie Carr

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Kevin Weeks, a felon who worked for notorious mobster and convicted killer Whitey Bulger, says that an FBI agent gave him the difficult-to-obtain explosives he planned on using to blow up Boston talk radio host and columnist Howie Carr.

“One FBI agent actually gave us 17 kilos of C-4, which we were going to use to blow up a reporter, Howie Carr,” Weeks recently said in an interview published on Sunday by the Daily Beast.

The recently released Johnny Depp movie, Black Mass, details Whitey Bulger’s rise from a small time hood in South Boston in the 1970s to a Boston crime kingpin. That rise, the movie claims, was due to his informant relationship with the FBI, which protected him from prosecution for his criminal activities.

The FBI agent who established the informant relationship with Bulger, John Connolly, grew up in South Boston and idolized Bulger as a youth.

Bulger was an informant for the FBI from the late 1970s until 1994, when he fled to avoid prosecution. During that period his brother, Billy Bulger, was the President of the Massachusetts State Senate (from 1978 to 1996) and was one of the most powerful politicians in the state.

Weeks described brother Billy’s involvement with Whitey in the Daily Beast interview:

OK, I was up at Billy Bulger’s house over 100 times with Jimmy. He never discussed any street business or crime with Billy. It was always conversations about regular family stuff. There’s no doubt in my mind that Billy knew Jimmy was involved in the rackets, but as far as the murders, if Billy did hear something about that I bet he’d choose not to believe it, because he’s a very religious man.

After Connolly retired from the FBI, he was a prominent figure in Boston. In 2008 he was convicted on second degree murder charges and sentenced to 40 years in prison. He is currently incarcerated in a Florida prison.

Weeks, who got off with a five-year prison term for his crimes because he cooperated with authorities and was a star witness in the federal trials that convicted his former boss, is walking freely on the streets of Boston today.

In his Daily Beast interview, Weeks made it clear that he still hates Carr:

Howie thought it was a made-up story, until he found out it was the truth… He was just a vicious bastard. He was attacking everybody—innocent people and everything. There was a time when we weren’t doing much and everything was running smoothly, and he wrote an article about this kid in South Boston who got killed, and Jimmy decided to make him a hobby and shut him up once and for all. When I look back on it, I wish we did kill him. He’s still the most hated reporter in Boston. Everybody hates him.”

The attempt to assassinate Carr through the use of explosives, which allegedly was planned more than two decades ago, shortly before Bulger became a fugitive, was supposedly abandoned, according to one report, after Bulger determined that it would be bad for property values in Carr’s neighborhood, where one of his criminal allies also lived.

A subsequent attempt to murder Carr was foiled, Weeks says, when he decided not to shoot Carr in a sniper style attack when he saw his daughter was walking with him.

In 2006, Weeks said he regretted not killing Carr.

For his part, the 86-year old Whitey Bulger, convicted of 11 murders in 2011 after almost two decades on the run as a fugitive and now serving multiple life sentences in a Florida prison, says his one regret is he failed to kill Carr.

Weeks also claimed FBI agent Connolly was a criminal, just like the members of the gang Whitey Bulger ran:

We considered Connolly a criminal, too. He was ourinformant, and that’s how it was portrayed to all of us—that we were paying for his information. That’s why no one suspected that Jim Bulger was informing on us, because every time we made a score we’d put money aside to pay our contacts in law enforcement, and we were getting good information. Jimmy used to tell me, “I can call any one of six FBI agents and they’ll come to me and jump in this car with a machine gun and go on a hit.”

Weeks had few kind words for the Black Mass movie, as the Daily Beast reported:

“We really did kill those people,” says Kevin Weeks, the former mobster and right-hand man to notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger. “But the movie is a fantasy.”

Breitbart News contacted the FBI’s Boston office to confirm or deny the astonishing claim made by Bulger’s former henchman, but has received no response.


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