Christie: I’d Press Hillary on Why Security In Benghazi ‘Was Not Important Enough For You’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he would press Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on why security requests in Benghazi weren’t “important enough for you” on Friday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

Christie argued that Clinton “helped herself” in her testimony before the Benghazi Select Committee “because they didn’t uncover anything new. They allowed her to get her talking points out over and over again. And they were falling over each other looking ineffective.”

He later added, “it’s going to hurt her in the long term, bill. but you’ve got to get somebody who can effectively question her and hold her to account. we didn’t have anybody on that congressional committee yesterday who could do that.

Christie stated that “You need a prosecutor up there” during the debates, and “I would have led with exactly what you just talked about, which was, if it [the security requests] wasn’t your responsibility, whose was it it, Madam Secretary? Is that what you are telling the folks out there whose family members were killed, that this was not important enough for you? That their safety was not important — I want to just know on the record, Madam Secretary, you’re saying it’s not important enough for you to have spent the time to protect their safety.”

He added, “she hasn’t been held to account by yet anybody opposing her. They had that love fest debate the other night, two have the people dropped out since the debate. They weren’t even serious about being there or holding her to account. Anderson cooper was totally in the tank.”

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