Families of Victims Murdered By Illegal Aliens To House Republicans: ‘No Paul Ryan’

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American moms and dads whose children were murdered—even tortured—by illegal aliens have a last-ditch message for House Republicans: “No Paul Ryan as Speaker.”

Following his endorsement by Mick Mulvaney, founder of the House Freedom Caucus, Ryan is effectively ensured the Speakership. That will put him in an even more powerful position than the Vice Presidency, potentially able to complete his widely-documented two-decade push for amnesty and unlimited migration.

On Monday the Remembrance Project, a group which honors the memory of Americans killed by illegal aliens, hosted a press conference. Breitbart News spoke exclusively to many of the victim’s family members about their thoughts on House Republican leadership.

“We don’t want Paul Ryan whatsoever. He’s worse than Boehner. We’ve seen what he will do [if he’s elected Speaker]” said the Remembrance Project’s founder, Maria Espinoza.

“We don’t want Marco Rubio either,” Espinoza continued, “Both of them have shown that they are not for the American people. Given their track records, they are not for this country or for Americans.”

newly-aired PBS documentary shows how that Paul Ryan and Mick Mulvaney labored with Luis Gutierrez to push Rubio’s amnesty agenda through the House of Representatives. Rush Limbaugh has warned that if Ryan is Speaker and Rubio is President, “Then in the first 12 months of the Rubio… administration, first 12-to-18 months, the donor-class agenda is implemented, including amnesty and whatever else they want. That is the objective here.”

“All of us are against Ryan [as Speaker] and Marco Rubio [for President] because we’re against amnesty,” Mary Ann Mendoza told Breitbart News exclusively.

Mendoza’s thirty-two year old son Sergeant Brandon Mendoza was murdered by a previously-convicted criminal illegal alien, who was driving the wrong way down a freeway with a blood alcohol level that was three-times the legal limit.

“All of us have been calling [our representatives],” Mendoza said. “We’re telling them: ‘No Paul Ryan.’ He’s been for amnesty for years. He will take this country in the very direction we’ve been fighting against.”

Laura Wilkerson seconded Mendoza’s assertion. “Close the borders and enforce the rules that are here now,” Wilkerson said. Wilkerson’s 18-year-old son Joshua was tortured to death by a so-called DREAMER— i.e. an illegal alien who came to the country as a minor and, therefore, was given accelerated amnesty.

When Breitbart News asked Mendoza and Wilkerson if they had ever been contacted by either Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan, the two replied, “No, and I don’t think they ever will [reach out to us]. We’re on the opposite spectrum of their agenda.”

Rubio—in crafting his Gang of Eight bill—worked with a number of special interest groups, including the Chamber of Commerce.

The grieving mothers explained that, in their view, the Ryan-Rubio agenda was about importing more cheap labor to appease Republican donors. “We’re not the voter base that they want,” the mothers said with resignation.

The mothers’ frustrations were echoed by Dan Golvach, whose 25-year-old son Spencer was murdered by a four-time deported illegal criminal alien with a rap sheet extending back to 2001, which included felonies, assaults, and burglaries.

Golvach told Breitbart that he agreed with Rush Limbaugh that Ryan-Rubio would be a certain recipe for open borders.

If Paul Ryan is Speaker and Marco Rubio is President, “we might as well have just kept Barack Obama,” Golvach said.

Golvach described Rubio-Ryan Republicans, who pay lip service to securing the border while encouraging the flood of foreigners with the promises of amnesty, as “treasonous.” Golvach accused these sorts of politicians of leading a war against their own constituents:

We have one party [the Democratic Party] that disregards our immigration law for the sake of perceived future voters, and we have a party [the Republican Party] that does the same thing— [even though] they tell us that, ‘They’re on it, and they’re trying to do something about it,’ when the reality is that they’re forsaking our immigration laws for cheap labor to appease their donors… This is an act of treason against us. This is not a political issue. This is a war perpetrated on us. When you lose a child, it’s war.

“My son’s mother and I do not look at [our son’s] killer as anything more than a foot soldier. He was enabled by our government,” Golvach said.

Golvach briefly ran through some of the horrific stories that had been relayed at the press event by fellow Remembrance Project members. Golvach suggested that it’s time Rubio-Ryan Republicans begin practicing, in their own homes, the same open borders policies they want the American people to experience.

All of these horrible stories I’m hearing today: ‘My son was vaporized, my son was set on fire, my son’s brain was blown out…’ We can go on [and on] about this: drunk drivers, target practice. That is a war. That’s an act of war… These people [i.e. pro-amnesty politicians] are not our friends. We need to take action and fight them [i.e. pro-amnesty politicians]. And if I could— if I were king— I would pass legislation that would force these politicians who disregard our laws to no longer be allowed to live in gated communities and to keep their doors open all night so that their children can be exposed to this as well… yeah, I’m madder than hell and I will be for the rest of my life. We played by the rules, we do what we’re supposed to do, but the government falls all over themselves to make people from other countries happy.

In 2013, Paul Ryan told a Hispanic audience that it is the job of a U.S. lawmaker is to put oneself in the shoes of foreign nationals residing outside of the United States, and then work to find solutions that will better the lives of those foreign nationals.

At Monday’s press event, the American victims’ family members shared intimate details of their grief.

Juan Benavides—who throughout his childhood protected his brother Jesse from neighborhood bullies—spoke of the guilt he feels every day from knowing that as the illegal alien gunned Jesse down in front of Jesse’s 8-year-old son at a children’s birthday party, this time, Benavides was not there to protect him.

Another victim showed the crowd the smiling picture of 17-year-old Steve Woods—a photograph that was taken the day before illegal alien gang members plunged a paint-roller into the boy’s skull, killing him.

Laura Wilkerson told the crowd that when her teenage son was late coming home from school, she sent him a text message to check in on him. She later found out that at the moment she had sent the text message, her child was in the process of being “slaughtered.” Fighting back tears, Wilkerson told the crowd how, to this day, she still wonders if her child could feel the phone vibrating in his pocket with her message as he was dying.

Rep. Brian Babin delivered opening remarks at the press event. Babin has been a leader in the House of Representatives on tackling the huge inflow of foreign refugees into the United States. He has introduced a bill that would pause refugee resettlement and has been vocal about the need to end Sanctuary Cities. For Babin to be successful, House Leaders will likely need to be forced into attaching a Babin-backed measure into a must-pass bill.

Conservatives worry that with Ryan wielding the Speaker’s gavel— a man whom longtime immigration fighter Roy Beck described as “the heart and soul of crony capitalism” and whose open borders ideology “seeps out of every pore of his being”— many of the popular enforcement bills championed by conservative members such as Reps. Brian Babin, Steve King, Dave Brat and Mo Brooks, will never see the light of day.


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