Donald Trump to Air Campaign Ads in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is set to air campaign ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina starting Thursday, marking the first time the Trump campaign has spent money on campaign advertising.

The ads – which are valued around $300,000 – will air on the radio through November.

“The ads will debut on Morning Joe (MSNBC) tomorrow at 6:30am when Mr. Trump will join the show to discuss the significance of the ads and his vision to Make America Great Again,” noted the Trump campaign press release.

Trump said:

I am the only candidate self-funding my campaign. I can’t be bought by lobbyists, donors or special interests— the only special interest I am beholden to is the American people. Super PAC’s, and the people that run them, have total control over all other candidates. I am pleased to unveil these radio advertisements in the very important states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. I had an advertising budget of over $20 million dollars to this point. Because of the success my campaign has had, I haven’t had to spend any of it. The newest poll, just out from FOX News, has me in the lead with terrific underlying numbers, especially on the economy. I am so honored to say that I have spent less money than any candidate in either party and at the same time, have the best result-#1! Despite this great success, I am now going to start advertising.

Trump became the first GOP presidential candidate to file for the ballot in New Hampshire on Wednesday.


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