Pat Caddell: Trump, Carson Rising Because Americans ‘Have Had It’ with Political/Media Establishments

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On Breitbart News Daily (6AM-9AM EST on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125), Fox News’s Pat Caddell blasted the mainstream media and the permanent political class for failing to see that outsider and non-politician candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson are succeeding in this election cycle because the American people are fed up with the political and media establishments.

Caddell, the former Jimmy Carter adviser and one of the country’s top pollsters, said both Trump and Carson are “proving that the American people have had it with the political class in this country.”

Caddell said that 80-90% of Americans across the political spectrum—from Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party—believe they “have lost control of their own government” that they view as “corrupt” and “in business for itself.”

“There is a unity in America, and that unity is against what’s going on and the need for resurgence of America,” he told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon.

Caddell blasted the pundit class for continuing to insist that the GOP presidential race ultimately will be a battle between Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and even hyping up Ohio Governor John Kasich, who Caddell said was “finished after last night.”

“The reporters still don’t get it,” Caddell said, adding that last night’s GOP presidential debate was emblematic of this dynamic.

Caddell pointed out that 50% or more of GOP primary voters want “people who have not held public office,” which he said is “kind of an astonishing figure that has been holding for months.” And yet, according to Caddell, the mainstream media and the professional political class keep insisting that “those people are just going to give up and go away… and we’re going to have a normal election.”

“We are not having a normal election in this country,” Caddell said. “If you think it’s chaotic so far, just wait until we turn the calendar to January.”

Caddell said the “dynamic is very real” and “it’s not only Trump and Carson… to a great extent, it’s also Bernie Sanders.”

But he again said that the mainstream press “can’t possibly understand it” and added that their “paradigm is being replaced by a rising paradigm.”

He said the media live in a world where “there are only Democrats and Republicans. There are only people who are ‘acceptable’ and ‘who are part of us.’” He added that they “are part of what happens, what’s going in Washington” because “they are the validators of what has been what 72% of Americans now say is an America in absolute decline” and “the American people are not accepting it.”

“It makes a lie of most of their lies,” he said. “They sit there… they go to the parties, they are all part of the insiders and whatever.”

He blasted the media, saying they “don’t cover the massive corruption going on,” and he cited the relative lack of wall-to-wall coverage of two defense contractors who agreed to pay $13 million last week after the federal government discovered that they endangered national security by hiring Russian subcontractors abroad without security clearances to work on building the internal code of the Department of Defense computer systems.

“It’s near treason and they just got fined,” Caddell said, adding that their actions were “the moral equivalent of treason.”

Caddell also blasted the recent bipartisan budget deal, saying “after being promised that we would have real budgeting this year, they get into a back room and cut another deal.” He said “you can be sure that [former House Speaker John] Boehner, [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell, and the White House and the Democrats went into a room and cut a deal.”

He added that “you can be sure that the American people are going to get it in the neck. Same thing with the trade deal.”

Citing polls in which more than two-thirds of GOP voters believe that leadership in Washington is doing the business of the Chamber of Commerce and the big donors and ignoring the interests of ordinary Republicans, Caddell simply asked, “so why do the pundits and all of the political class think these people are going to embrace them?”



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