Hillary Clinton Urges Puerto Ricans to Move to Florida to Vote

Hillary Puerto Ricans Fox 10 News
Fox 10 News

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton encouraged Puerto Ricans to move to central Florida to vote in the presidential election.

Speaking at a rally Wednesday in Orlando, Clinton, who was introduced partially in Spanish, addressed the fact that people in Puerto Rico can’t vote for president. Helpfully, Clinton came up with a way around the problem.

“Like America, Florida is always changing. And certainly here in Central Florida we’ve seen so many people come here for the jobs, for the opportunities. You know, some are even starting to call Central Florida Puerto Rico’s 79th municipality,” Clinton said to an ovation.

“I went to Puerto Rico in September because I believe anyone who wants to be president should give attention to Puerto Rico and should remind our fellow Americans, Puerto Ricans are American citizens!”

“That’s something often overlooked or even denied,” Clinton continue. “And it is one of the great ironies of our law and our history that Puerto Ricans who are citizens in Puerto Rico cannot vote for their president and commander in chief. But if you move to central Florida because you’re a citizen, you can vote. And what we need to recognize is that there’s much we can do if we are supporting our Puerto Rican friends.”



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