The United West: Hillary’s Movie Lie Source Revealed

(THE UNITED WEST) Clare Lopez, former CIA analyst and member of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi, chronicles how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton created and plotted the video narrative to deflect attention away from the State Department’s illegal gun running operation in Benghazi.

This segment examines emails from Sidney Blumenthal, a personal confidant of the Clinton’s, which are designed to place the blame of the Benghazi attack not of the Obama-Clinton administration, but on the foolish video “Innocence of Muslims.”

In an almost unbelievable disinformation moment, Blumenthal leads Clinton to use his son Max Blumenthal’s article about the video as the cause of the attack.

Do not miss this segment of the Benghazi series, “What Difference Does it Make,” where Lopez and host Tom Trento deconstruct the Blumenthal-Clinton act.

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