Even Lawmakers with ‘Top Secret’ Clearance Needed More to View Hillary Clinton’s ‘SAP’ Emails

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_Benghazi CSPAN

Some of the emails discovered on Hillary Clinton’s personal server are so highly classified that even members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee cannot view them without taking additional security steps.

The “top secret/SAP” information identified on Clinton’s server is so sensitive, Catherine Herridge reports today, that senior members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee were asked to sign new non-disclosure agreements to view them. These members of congress already had security clearances which allow them to view “top secret/sensitive compartmented information.”

The extra security precautions being taken by Congress seem to be at odds with statements an anonymous source gave to NBC claiming the emails in question were “innocuous.” The story goes on to say the unnamed intelligence official was upset with Inspector General Charles McCullough’s handling of the situation.

According to a letter from the Inspector General, dozens of classified emails were discovered on Clinton’s server, including some classified as “special access programs” (SAP), a level above “top secret.” The classification of the emails was verified in writing by an Intelligence Community element (believed to be the CIA) which generated the information.

A spokesman for the Clinton campaign claimed the issue was the same as the one that has been brewing since last August, but as Breitbart News reported Wednesday, the emails in question are not limited to the two “top secret” emails that resulted in a referral to the Department of Justice and an FBI investigation.


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