Former Clinton Global Initiative Member Hosts CNN Democratic Town Hall


Anderson Cooper was picked by CNN to moderate the Democratic presidential town hall on Wednesday night, despite the fact that he is a former member of Hillary Clinton’s far-reaching and wealthy charity.

Cooper was listed as a notable past member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a non-profit charity created by Bill and Hillary Clinton, and which is linked to the scandal-plagued Clinton Foundation.

The Foundation said that Cooper and other journalists were not required to pay the mandatory $20,000 fee for such membership.

Cooper was relatively tough on Bernie Sanders at the beginning of the town hall event, pressing him on why Democrats who prioritize the issue of terrorism prefer Hillary Clinton over Sanders by 37 percent, to polling.

Cooper also played for Sanders a clip of Clinton’s speech in Iowa, which she delivered after her embarrassing result in Monday night’s caucus. “Do you believe that Hillary Clinton is a progressive?” Cooper asked.

Sanders is running neck-in-neck with Clinton after battling her to what he called a “virtual tie” in the Iowa caucus, which was determined in part by a series of coin flips.


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