Attack Dog: Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump — Dismisses ‘Desperate’ Rubio

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announces his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump February 26, 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas.
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie surprised reporters at a press conference with Donald Trump in Texas, endorsing the billionaire presidential candidate for president.

“I’m endorsing the person I believe is the best person to defeat Hillary Clinton and restore American jobs, restore American prestige around the world, and restore the faith and confidence of the American people again in the fact that we are an exceptional and great nation,” Christie said during his press conference.

Trump used Christie’s appearance with him to remind reporters of Rubio’s disastrous debate performance against the New Jersey governor in New Hampshire.

“He’s done a really good job, totally destroyed Marco Rubio the other day … I was standing next to Marco Rubio and he melted … I really gave Chris credit for that, he’s a real talent,” Trump said.

Trump strategically deployed Christie to respond to Rubio after the Florida Senator attacked Trump this morning for being a “con-artist.”

After reporters asked him about this morning’s attacks, Trump motioned for Christie to respond.

Christie dutifully filled the role of an attack dog for Trump, resuming his attacks on Rubio by raising his inexperience.

“Desperate people in campaign do desperate things,” Christie replied. “Failing punches in the last days of a losing campaign. Fact of the matter is, no one is going to get in this guy’s head.”

He added that Rubio “barely shows up for work” at the Senate and was “wholly unprepared” for the presidency.

Christie also criticized Marco Rubio as a freshman member of the DC establishment who wouldn’t be able to fix Washington D.C.

“Time to turn away from the amateur acts from Washington D.C. and turn to a professional strong leader. That’s who this man is,” Christie said.

Christie said he sat down with his wife and children to discuss the endorsement and said that they supported his decision. He said he ultimately chose Trump because he was a friend of the family and was best suited to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

“Our family is one that prides loyalty and the fact is that we’ve been have good friends with Donald and his family for many years and there was no choice in my mind,” he said.

Christie said he sat with Trump and finalized the endorsement Thursday morning before the debate.


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