SCF Straw Poll: 65 Percent Support Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio at 3 Percent

The Associated Press

A new 20,000-voter straw poll by the Senate Conservatives Fund shows Sen. Ted Cruz out in front of the other 2016 candidates with 65 per cent of the vote.

Donald Trump came in second, with 25 per cent support, even though he holds the lead in delegates ahead of the four March 8 presidential primary races.

Sen. Marco Rubio, banking on a win in his home state of Florida, came in fourth place, with a mere 3.11 per cent support. Ohio Gov. John Kasich barely beat out Rubio with 3.44 per cent.

“With over 20,000 ballots cast, Ted Cruz was the clear winner with 65% of the vote. Donald Trump finished in second place with 25% of the vote,” read a message from SCF President Ken Cuccinelli II.

Complete results for the straw poll:

• Ted Cruz – (13,116) 65.11%

• Donald Trump – (5,122) 25.42%

• John Kasich – (692) 3.44%

• Marco Rubio – (626) 3.11%

• Undecided – (298) 1.48%

• Other – (290) 1.44%

“This strong showing by Cruz appears to track with what we’re seeing in the presidential race where the grassroots are uniting behind Cruz while he splits some anti-establishment voters with Trump,” the SCF letter stated.

Ahead of the March 8 primary results, Trump leads in GOP delegates with 384, according to the Associated Press. Cruz comes in second, with 300 delegates. Rubio hangs on a distant third with 151 delegates, but far ahead of Kasich who boasts a mere 37 delegates. At least 1,287 delegates are needed to win the race.

Cruz won his home state of Texas which delivered him a hefty 102 delegates. Rubio and Kasich are making hard pushes to win their home states of Florida and Ohio, respectively, in the March 15 secondary Super Tuesday contests.

In the March 8 elections, 150 delegates are up for grabs in four GOP primary states: Hawaii (19), Idaho (32), Michigan (59), and Mississippi (40). Another 358 delegates will be awarded in March 15 contests: Florida (99), Illinois (69), Missouri (52), North Carolina (72), and Ohio (66).

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