Donald Trump in Maryland: ‘No Path for Lyin’ Ted Cruz to Get the Nomination, He’s Out’

Trump Maryland AP
Washington, DC

After his big win in New York, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump campaigned in both Indiana and Maryland on Wednesday, where he continued to push his nationalist theme “America First.”

“We don’t put America first. Remember the expression used to be ‘America First,’ right? It’s like ‘America Last’ the way these people run it,” Trump told his supporters in Berlin, Md., at Stephen Decatur High School on Wednesday night.

“We protect all of these foreign nations,” he continued. “We protect Saudi Arabia.” The crowd booed in reaction. “They got to pay us!”

Trump touted his big win in New York on Tuesday, suggesting he needs another big win in Maryland.

“Last night, I got 91 or something out of 95 [delegates]. We got 61 percent of the vote. I had 55,000 negative ads,” against him, Trump challenged. “Who can take 55,000?” He went on:

The vote from Maryland is very, very important. If I win, it’s going to be a lot to do with right here. If I win, were going to [get] the nomination. There’s no path for lyin’ Ted Cruz to get the nomination, he’s out. Number two, he can never beat Hillary, his views … Kasich beat him in New York!

The GOP primary in Maryland is on April 26th.