Secret Service Expert Confirms Exclusive Report of Raging Clinton Details from Byrne’s Upcoming ‘Crisis of Character’

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton believes her experience in politics serves a

Author and former investigative reporter for The Washington Post and Boston Herald Ron Kessler is backing up assertions first reported by Breitbart News regarding Hillary Clinton from former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne’s forthcoming book Crisis of Character.

Kessler told the Boston Herald, “I think it’s right on. It has to do with her character, the hypocrisy of someone who claims to help the country and yet she can’t bring herself to treat other human beings who are less powerful than she is with respect and dignity. Someone like that can really get out of control once they get in the White House. They have all that power and they become even more arrogant.”

Kessler previously penned his own book on Hillary’s time in the White House when her husband Bill was president. “She would actually, even recently, tell agents she didn’t want to see them when they were at events. She literally wanted them to hide behind curtains,” Kessler told the Herald.

Clinton has tried to portray Donald Trump as a “loose cannon” in interviews, but Byrne’s new book may actually give the presumptive GOP nominee evidence to turn the insult around on her. The Trump campaign fired off a press release yesterday saying the book provides “countless examples of Clinton not having the composure to handle the rigors of the Oval Office.”

While many traditional media outlets have been reluctant to cover the book so far, Trump may force their hand if he hammers away at it during his televised rallies.

Breitbart’s exclusive report on details from Byrne’s upcoming book was published earlier this month: Secret Service Agent Book: Raging Hillary Clinton Threw Bible at Agent’s Colleague.

One day, UD [Uniformed Division] officers met to review events at their respective postS. A bewildered new officer arrived. ‘Hey you’ll never believe it, but I passed the First lady and she told me to go to hell!’ A second young officer responded, ‘You think that’s bad? I passed her on the West Colonnade, and all I said was ‘Good morning, First Lady.’ She told me, ‘Go f— yourself.’ ‘Are you serious?’ ‘Go f— yourself!’ He imitated her, pointing a finger.

At first, the unit’s sergeant challenged the story “but another officer soon corroborated” it. “Our sergeant was speechless,” Byrne writes. “We assured the rookie that this wasn’t the job’s normal atmosphere—at least, not under the previous administration. The sergeant fumed and called the watch commander, who pushed things up the Secret Service chain of command, who said they’d forward it to Chief of Staff Leon Panetta.”

At that point, the Secret Service actually “circulated a memo reminding everyone to report any ‘unusual’ First Family interaction to their supervisors.”

“The new guy (who had earned a Purple Heart fighting the Clintons’ war in Somalia) got an apology for the First Lady’s actions—but not directly from her of course,” Byrne writes.

In another excerpt obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, Byrne recounts an episode in which Hillary Clinton—in a screaming, obscenity-laced tantrum wherein she referred to Secret Service agents as “assholes”—vented to Bill Clinton that she thought the Secret Service was out to get them. The book reads:

‘They f—ed us, Bill!’ Hillary screamed. I stifled a laugh. The president tried his best to calm her down. He couldn’t. Hillary Clinton possessed no perspective. ‘We need to get rid of these assholes, Bill!’ She thought she was being tough—in command—but the issue commanded her. She fumed that the Secret Service’s Uniformed Division, my branch, disloyal leftovers from Papa Bush, conspired against the administration. ‘They’ve had it out for us from the beginning!’ she kept yelling.



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