AP Poll: Americans Disapprove of Obama’s Handling of Gun Laws, Believe Gun Ownership Makes Us Safer

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An Associated Press (AP) poll released July 23 shows that 59 percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s handling of gun laws, and an even greater majority, 62 percent, believe owning a gun makes people safer by “preventing them from becoming victims of crime.”

The poll also shows that 53 percent of Americans support national reciprocity for concealed carry permits. National reciprocity renders a concealed carry permit issued in one state valid in every state. An overwhelming majority of respondents also said a “high priority” for law enforcement should be “cracking down on people who own guns illegally” and “cracking down on people who sell guns illegally.”

Interestingly, 42 percent of poll respondents consider themselves Democrats, including those who “lean” Democrat, while only 36 percent consider themselves Republicans, including those who “lean” Republican. When asked about ideological leanings, 44 percent of respondents considered themselves “moderate,” 33 percent “conservative,” and 19 percent “liberal.”

Suburban and urban dwellers outnumbered rural respondents 3 to 1. Likewise, evangelical Christians were outnumbered more than 2 to 1, with 28 percent identifying as “evangelical Christian,” versus 69 percent who did not. Moreover, respondents without a gun in the home outnumbered those with guns approximately 2 to 1.

These regional/religious differences, combined with the Democrat plurality and majority non-gun owners, go far in explaining why the same respondents who disapprove of Obama’s handling of gun laws, support national reciprocity, and believe gun ownership makes us safer simultaneously voiced support for certain gun controls–like an “assault weapons” ban and “high capacity” magazine ban.

The poll did not ask respondents if they favored a law to abolish gun-free zones, the most common location in which a high profile attack with any kind of firearm occurs.

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