Exclusive – Pro-Trump Millennials: ‘Slap Yourself Upside of the Head’ if You’re Voting Hillary

Liberty University students, Austin Miller, of Salisbury N.C., left, James Ford, of Elkton Md., second from left, Jeremy Boyd, of New York City, center, Josian O'Boyle, of Toronto Canada, second from right, and Cody Hildebrand, of Fayetteville W.Va., pose for photos with their home made t-shirts as they wait for …
AP Photo/Steve Helber
Washington, DC

Millennials who support Donald Trump are pushing back against a recent opinion article in USA Today arguing that millennial voters “are too intelligent to vote for Trump.”

What is labeled as a “Letter to the Editor” showcases social media posts portraying Trump as a racist. One states, “Young voters are too intelligent and not racist, or biased, enough to vote for Donald Trump.”

But Nick Adams, a 31-year-old millennial, author and a recent immigrant to America, disagrees, saying this type of “snowflake disposition and pussycat inclinations” from millennials is a major part of the “decline of America.”

“Generally speaking, they are ungrateful, ignorant and almost treasonous unpatriotic because their education from elementary school through high school has made them that way,” he explained.

Adams, who works with the nonpartisan organization The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), told Breitbart News that his personal opinion of the millennials showcased in the USA Today article is that they shouldn’t vote if they can’t see that “America is exceptional.”

They’re not intelligent; without their smartphone they couldn’t find their own bathroom. If brains were dynamite, they wouldn’t have enough to blow their nose. America is about kicking butt, not kissing it. Trump is the furthest thing from a bigot and racist. If they can’t see that Donald Trump wants to make America great again, and that America is exceptional, they should stay in daddy’s garage and not vote.

The labeling of Trump as a “racist” by some millennials comes as a recent USA Today poll shows the New Yorker is heading for “the worst showing among younger voters in modern American history,” with Hillary Clinton soaking up support from millennials who previously backed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Despite the low poll numbers, Adams says Trump “doesn’t need to pander to anyone.”

However, he suggests Trump reaches out to millennials by simply showing them what opportunities he can provide them, saying the GOP nominee’s message “should all be about opportunity.”

“Millennials must understand that they will be poorer, weaker, less safe, less free and far more unlikely to achieve the dreams in their heart under Hillary Clinton, than Donald Trump,” Adams added. “If you’re a millennial and voting for Hillary, you should slap yourself upside of the head because you’re voting against your own interests!”

Madison Gesiotto, who writes a column on millennials for The Washington Times, said Trump should use ads to reach out to millennials in order to improve his support from young voters.

“I’d love to see Mr. Trump use more money on advertisements specifically targeted toward millennials,” she suggested. “Trump needs to more actively reach out to millennials with statistics and facts showing the overall negative effect that Obama administration policies have had on millennials, specifically on college students.”

It’s the past administration’s effect on millennials, and the business opportunities that Trump presents, that has newlywed millennials Gabrielle and Brian Bosché — both entrepreneurs in their late twenties — supporting Trump instead of Clinton.

“With three businesses between the two of us, the choice is clear. Donald Trump is the only candidate that wants more contestants on shows like Shark Tank. We need someone in the White House who knows the struggles of startups and corporations,” the couple explained to Breitbart News. “Donald Trump may offend you with what he says, but Hillary Clinton will decimate your company with what she does. This election isn’t personal. It’s business.”

Gesiotto also told Breitbart News that she suspects more millennial groups will be out supporting the GOP nominee once college Republican groups return to campus for the fall semester.