***2016 LiveWire*** Trump Surges to Lead in Ohio, Nevada


Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 election. Donald Trump again has a packed scheduled. He will visit Flint, Michigan and then head to Ohio, where a new Bloomberg poll finds him leading by five points, for a rally. Clinton continues to recover as the media do their best to play defense for her until she resumes campaigning on Thursday. Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are campaigning for her in Nevada and Virginia, respectively.

All times eastern.

9:01: New Hampshire’s Union Leader endorses Gary Johnson.

8:55:  Eric Trump and Priebus in West Virginia.


8:08: Anti-Trump agitators yelling at Trump supporters leaving rally.

7:45: Trump seems energized by his good poll numbers. He’s talking about rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. Trump promises to take care of our miners and steel workers. Trump says “American hands” will rebuild our nation and American energy will power our nation. He says we will put new American steel into the spine of our country. He says he will fight for every neglected part of our nation and to bring everyone together as “one American people.” He says there is no greater threat to democracy than when a politician puts her office up for sale. He says Clinton’s tenure as State Department was “one of historic failure” because “everything went wrong” around the world.

7:25: Trump pushes for America-first trade policies and slams Clinton for her support for TPP. He talks about how real wages have gone down for Americans and older Americans have to work harder for less. He says he is working hard campaigning and wonders if Clinton can stand up here for an hour.


7:23: Trump says his support comes from every walk of life. Trump says Clinton’s attacks on American voters displays the same sense of entitlement that led her to sell government favors and access through the Clinton Foundation while destroying her mobile devices and emails.

7:22: Trump slams Clinton for wanting to admit more refugees. He says there is no way to tell if they have “love or hate” in their hearts. He says we will build safe zones but does not want the United States to admit Trojan horses.


7:18: Trump says Clinton’s policies re: illegal immigration and globalism have hurt inner cities while he has the solutions.

7:17: More boos ring out when Trump says Clinton calls people who don’t support her “deplorables” and “irredeemable.”

7:15: Trump, sounding like former Fresno State football coach Pat Hill, says he’s willing to go anywhere and campaign anywhere.

7:13: Trump says Democrats have trapped people in the inner cities and he’s running to offer a better future to those in the inner cities and all across America. Trump says he will campaign hard for the votes of even those who are not planning to vote for him in the inner cities.

7:11: Trump slams politicians for selling the country out with deals like NAFTA and speaks about the country’s “dilapidated” infrastructure. He wonders why Obama isn’t working instead of campaigning for “Crooked Hillary.”

7:07: Trump says Flint’s water crisis represents failure at every level of government. “Gross incompetence,” he says. “It’s tragic and it’s heartbreaking and it should never happen in the United States of America. This is the catastrophe that does happen when we build up other countries instead of our own… It’s America First now, folks.”

Crowd chants “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

7:05: Trump says the people in the United States are “ready for change” and are ready to discard a political establishment that look down upon hard-working people. He says the choice is between an arrogant ruling class vs. the hopes and dreams of average Americans. Crowd boos when Trump tells them that Ford is moving the production of all of its small vehicles to Mexico. Trump says he’s the messenger and his is the message of “competence” and “jobs, jobs, jobs” and “fixing our military” and “taking care of our great vets” who are “treated worse than illegal immigrants.” He says it’s a message of saving our Second Amendment, which is “totally under siege.” And, Trump says, it’s a message of “Supreme Court Justices.”

7:03: In Scranton:

7:02: Trump tells the crowd he just visited the football Hall of Fame. He says he worked in Ohio during the summers growing up and is a special place to him. He’s citing some good Ohio polls that just came out. Trump says states that Republicans usually fly over are now in play.

7:00: Trump takes the stage in Ohio.

6:42: Was the RNC hacked (McCaul now is reportedly saying that he was referring to GOP political operatives)?

6:30: Jeb Bush’s top adviser Mike Murphy showing  how clueless he is, as always:

6:22: Trump touring NFL Hall of Fame in Canton.

6:15: Clinton campaign seems like they are in panic mode (they seem like a football team that tried to play prevent defense and is now realizing that that defense only prevents teams like the Chargers from winning).

5:45: Good images for Trump campaign, along with the voter holding a “deplorable lives matter” sign at a previous North Carolina rally. Clinton may have inadvertently helped Trump, who lacks a significant organization, with his ground game. This only motivates his voters to go to the polls.

5:26: Another mainstream media writer saying Trump “could win.”

4:51: Interesting argument from Libertarian VP nominee Bill Weld. He says on MSNBC that Gary Johnson is asking the debate commission to allow him in the first debate and if the ticket doesn’t reach 15% in the polls after, they will not press to be included in any other debates.

4:47: Clinton releases more information about her health. Mainstream media not badgering her doctor like they have with Trump’s.

She was diagnosed with mild, non-contagious bacterial pneumonia, her doctor said, a step the campaign took after the candidate had to take three days off the campaign trail after nearly collapsing at an event on Sunday.

Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s personal doctor and the chair of Internal Medicine at CareMount Medical in Mount Kisco, New York, said she evaluated Clinton multiple times in the last week — including Wednesday — and found that the Democratic nominee had a small right middle-lobe pneumonia.

Clinton’s doctor claims she is in “excellent mental condition” and “continues to remain healthy” and “fit” to serve as president.

That’s it, folks:

4:21: Clinton will reportedly release her medical records today. So will her running mate Kaine.

4:15: He doesn’t sound too confident…looks like someone forced him to say it:

4:07: Trump leads Clinton in Ohio and Florida in CNN/ORC’s new poll of swing states.

4:05: Americans not interested in her bureaucratic plans:

3:57: Trump says when we send our jobs to other nations, we are also giving away the tax base that helps sustain the country’s infrastructure, including pipes. Trump slams Clinton for supporting NAFTA, which he says is probably the “worst trade deal in the history of the world.”

3:55: At a black church in Flint, Michigan, Trump says cars were made in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. He says cars are now made in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint.


3:10: Trump touring Flint water plant:

3:05: Big enthusiasm problem for Clinton among young voters.

3:02: Gallup finds (mainstream media exposing even more of their biases while covering Trump and his supporters):

Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly” has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from last year.

2:55: Trump lands in Flint. Bannon reportedly with him on the trip:

2:45: Slick Willy knew exactly what he was saying:

2:40: Bill Clinton now again speaking about “road rage” and saying people make bad decisions when they are “angry.”

2:30: Clinton pushes amnesty in Nevada, and he claims that most people who don’t want “immigration reform” live in places where there aren’t that many immigrants. Clinton says money would be better spend on “bridges” than “walls.”

2:20: Bill Clinton tries to downplay his wife’s health problems. He says it’s a “crazy” time in politics when people try to make a big deal when someone gets “the flu.” [This is why Americans don’t trust the Clintons.]

2:10: Clinton campaign’s Tweetstorm has the feel of a campaign in panic after many bad news cycles:

2:05: Trump campaign slams Hillary Clinton’s “corrupt pay-to-play culture.”

“It speaks volumes that the Clinton Foundation’s CEO would casually admit on national television that its donors received access and ‘courtesy appointments’ at Hillary Clinton’s State Department. This is emblematic of the corrupt pay-to-play culture Hillary Clinton and those in her orbit bring to the table, where it so pervasive it is actually uncontroversial to those involved. This is why a special prosecutor needs to be appointed to independently investigate the growing evidence of corruption between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department while Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of state.”

1:58: Trump supporters in Flint:






1:57: About 150 seats for Bill Clinton’s Nevada event:

1:55: Info about what was revealed during Trump’s taping with Dr. Oz:

1:53: Headline that Trump should use to turn out voters: “Ford moving all production of small cars from U.S. to Mexico” 


1:52: Clinton Foundation doing a lot of explaining:

1:50: Chelsea’s Roanoke photo op:

1:45: Trump Surges to lead in Nevada, a state with a significant Hispanic population:

1:30: Colin Powell: Bill Clinton “Still Dicking Bimbos”: Powell said he would rather not have to vote for Clinton. Powell said Clinton is “greedy” and “not transformation” with a husband “still dicking bimbos at home.”


1:10: Flint mayor, who welcomed Clinton, endorsed her, and allowed her to use the city for plenty of photo ops, slams Trump’s visit. [Wouldn’t see want more attention paid to the city’s water crisis. Trump’s visit, at the least, again raises awareness of the issue.]

Partisan residents also don’t seem to like the idea of Trump bringing more awareness to their city’s water crisis:

Leaders of various unions may also be scared that their members may vote for Trump. Michigan’s AFL-CIO president wants Trump to “go home.”

1:05: Mitchell, who often acts like rasslin’ announcer who tries to get the company’s preferred rassler “over” with the audience,  also asked Shalala if Clinton had anybody in her inner circle that could tell her that a private server is a bad idea and telling the press about her pneumonia diagnosis may be the smart thing to do. Shalala just responded by saying Mitchell knows the people in Clinton world before adding, “I can’t answer the question specifically. They’ve always hired very strong people who have told them the truth.”

1:00: In an interview with Andrea Mitchell, Clinton Foundation President Donna Shalala said the Clinton foundation can’t go out of business because of the library. She said that some programmatic parts would be spun off into separate charities.

Then the whoopers started.

She claimed there is no “secrecy as far as this foundation is concerned.” She claimed “we disclose all of our donors” and the foundation was “totally transparent.”


Mitchell asked a “true or false” question about whether Trump is correct in characterizing the foundation as having engaged in pay-to-play politics.

Shalala gave a long-winded answer about how it is not unusual to have meetings with people like Muhammad Yunus and Melinda Gates. She said she didn’t see “any evidence that there were policy decisions” made because of meetings that donors to the Clinton Foundation received after conceding that there “phone calls made to get appointments for people,” which Shalala casually dismissed as “courtesy appointments.” Mitchell hardly challenged her.

Shall insisted that she didn’t find the preferential treatment for donors and meetings “unusual.” “We have to be careful that it is not linked to policy decisions,” she said. [why else would they want to meet? For tea?]


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