Exclusive–Breitbart/Gravis Poll: Clinton Opens Lead Over Trump 44-39 in Colorado, Gains 5 Points in a Week

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The former first lady and Democratic nominee for president leads her GOP rival Donald J. Trump with 44 percent of the vote to Trump’s 39 percent in the fight for Colorado’s nine electoral votes, according to the Breitbart/Gravis poll conducted Oct. 12 and Oct. 13 with 1,226 registered Colorado voters.

“In our last poll, conducted Oct. 3 through Oct. 4, Hillary Clinton and Trump were locked up at 40 percent, so we see the aftereffects of a crazy Columbus Day weekend,” said Doug Kaplan, managing partner of Gravis Marketing, the Florida-based polling firm that executed the poll. The poll carries a margin of error of 2.8 percent with a 95 percent level of confidence.

“We see a significant shift in Colorado, which is important this late in the campaign,” he said. “If Clinton holds on and wins the state, she owes it to to college-educated white women.”

Libertarian Gary Johnson was the choice of six percent of the voters and Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein was the choice of two percent.

Kaplan said, “There are reasons to think that the Republicans have a shot at Colorado in 2016. President Barack Obama beat Romney 51 percent to 46 percent.” In 2012, the GOP nominee was former Massachusetts governor W. Mitt Romney. In 2008, Obama beat GOP nominee Sen. John S. McCain III (R.-Ariz.).

Trump has not given up on Colorado. The billionaire will visit the Grand Junction Tuesday for an airport rally. The airport rally is one of the most accurate signals of what a campaign sees as an opportunity to attack or a need to defend. As the presidential campaign reaches its closing days, airport rallies will increasingly dominate each campaign’s calendar as both Trump and Clinton convert the country into a 3,000-mile wide chessboard.

Both Trump and Clinton have high unfavorables in the poll.

Twenty-one percent of voters have a strongly favorable opinion of the New York City developer, with 55 percent saying they have a strongly unfavorable opinion of him.

Twenty-three percent of the voters have a strongly favorable opinion of the former first lady, with 51 percent saying they had a strongly unfavorable opinion of her.

Because the poll was taken after the Oct. 7 release of a lewd tape of Trump speaking in direct language about his failed courtship of a married woman and his experience with women who want to spend time with celebrities, the poll asked Colorado voters if they accepted the apology from the Republican nominee. Thirty-nine percent of the respondents said they accepted it, but 54 percent said they did not.

The poll also revealed an electorate unhappy with the state of affairs. Asked about the direction the country was going, 35 percent said it was going in the right direction and 57 said it was going in the wrong direction.

When the voters were asked if Obamacare was a success or failure, only 33 percent said it was a success and 56 percent said it was not.

Although the majority of voters polled agreed with the positions of Trump, only 38 percent agreed that America should build a wall along the Mexican border and 53 said we should not.

This does not mean that Colorado is at ease with illegal immigration.

Participants were also asked: How concerned are you with controlling immigration and securing the southern border? Sixty-nine percent said they were concerned, when you combine the 42 percent who were very concerned and 27 percent who were somewhat concerned. Only 24 percent said they were not concerned.

For perspective, there is a 25-percentage-point margin advantage for the concerned position compared to the percentage of voters supporting Clinton.

In the Colorado Senate race, Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet leads the GOP challenger Darryl Glenn with 48 percent to the Republican’s 38 percent of the voters.

The poll was conducted using a combination of automated telephone calls and an internet panel of cellphone users with the results weighted to match a proprietary turnout model.

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