Stone: Wikileaks, Mike Morell, Russia, and Me

Michael Morell
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

As someone involved in politics for more than 40 years I can attest to the fact that you ruffle some feathers and, dare I say, make some enemies along the way. So what? If the bed-wetters and pearl-clutchers aren’t upset with you, you aren’t making a difference.

Politics ain’t beanbag, as the saying goes, and I’m no stranger to controversy or a fight. I’ve been called just about every name in the book, and new books could be written using just the words that have been created to attack me.

But there is one word that no one has ever attempted to attach to me before this week: traitor.

Think of me what you will, I love my country. I’ve spent my life defending it from those who seek to harm it, both foreign and domestic. So imagine my surprise when a third-rate bureaucrat cum fourth-rate partisan  former CIA Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell accused me of “actually working on behalf of the Russians.”

Congressman Jerry Nadler started this witch hunt when he called on FBI Director Comey (director of the Sandy Berger, Mark Rich and Hillary e-mail cover-ups) to investigate me for my non-existent ties to Russia. I am accused of treason. That’s what Nadler, CIA hack Michael Morell and the Clinton thugs have accused me of. It is, to put it mildly, bullshit. And they know it.

But Morell, now a flying monkey in Hillary Clinton’s thug army, is happily spreading the lie that I knew in advance that Wikileaks would hack the very revealing e-mail of Hillary campaign chief John Podesta. This because of a tweet I posted in August at the time my boyhood friend and colleague Paul Manafort was under attack for his perfectly legal work in Ukraine for a democratic political party. I predicted that Podesta’s business dealings would be exposed. I didn’t hear it from Wikileaks, although Julian Assange and I share a common friend. I reported the story on my website.

So let’s be clear. I had no advance notice of Wikileaks’ hacking of Podesta’s e-mails. I didn’t need it to know what Podesta has been up to. I do not work for any Russian interest. I have no Russian clients. I have never received a penny from any public or private entity or individual and that includes Russian intelligence. None. Nada. Zilch.

This is the new McCarthyism. I don’t favor war with Russia, a war this administration seems to be hurtling towards as we speak. Like Trump, I favor a period of Nixon-like détente and hard-headed negotiations with the Russians that would allow us to work together to crush ISIS. This does not mean I am pro-Putin or approve of Russian totalitarianism.

Being in politics a while, I do understand deflection. The Clintonistas hope they can distract public attention away from the stunning criminal activities exposed in the Wikileaks by attacking those who they say leaked them. In this case that is not me.

Now let’s take a look at Mr. Morell. He is essentially the man who ran the Benghazi cover-up. “Former CIA Director Morell received information from the CIA Station Chief in Benghazi that there was NEVER a protest the night of the terrorist attack,” according to Gateway Pundit. “Morell later viewed video of the terrorist attack showing there was no protest. Morell later said the FBI changed the talking points to say there was a protest. He changed the talking points to benefit the Obama administration.”

This guy wants me investigated?

What’s almost as bad is Morrell’s failure to disclose his employment by a PR firm that is employed by the Clinton campaign. He’s on the Clinton payroll and his employer, Beacon Global Strategies, is on the Clinton payroll. The New York Times neglected to mention when they published his pro-Hillary press release couched as an opinion column or mentioned by any of the media when the reported his carefully worded attack on me.

The FBI and CIA are supposed to work to protect Americans from all manner of threats and should be above partisanship, yet just like the IRS, they have been weaponized against conservatives by the Obama administration. Not directly, but by Morrell’s using his former position to promote himself and make attacks against me and Trump. In addition to Morrell’s pockets being lined with Clinton cash, the Clintons have lined their pockets with Russian money. As PJ Media reported, “Bill Clinton received $500,000 to give a speech in Moscow on behalf of a Russian investment bank tied to the Uranium One deal.”

That’s right, the Clinton crime family was paid a half million by a Russian bank that benefited from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s approval of a deal that gave Russia control over one-fifth of the United State’s uranium.

A former President of the United States should not be giving speeches to Russian interests for huge sums of money while his wife has a say in deals that benefit them and have the potential to threaten our national security. But Morrell, apparently, doesn’t have a problem with that. His loyalty is for sale and the checks have cleared.

That Michael Morrell has exposed himself as a partisan hack willing to sell his name to a corrupt political family isn’t a surprise. That the New York Times would happily run it isn’t a surprise either. Nor is it surprising this hack would smear patriotic Americans to distract from the astonishing corruption of the Clinton campaign exposed by the Wikileaks revelations. These are, after all, the Clintons.


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