Bishop Aubrey Shines: Donald Trump to Usher in ‘New Day’ for ‘Poor White, Black, and Latino’ Voters


Evangelical Bishop Aubrey Shines, an outspoken Donald Trump supporter, took the stage and stirred up the crowd of more than twenty thousand at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater Monday night to rally for the Republican presidential nominee.

“If you’re listening to the media, they will tell you that there are no African American men and Latinos that are voting for Donald Trump,” Bishop Shines told the crowd. “But I think we know something that they’re not telling us. There are thousands of us that are bishops that have pledged our vote for Mr. Donald Trump — in just a few more weeks.”

“I’m telling you there’s a new day dawning, and that new day is Donald Trump,” he said.

The Tampa-based bishop said that “someone in the liberal media” recently asked him, “How is it that someone that is not white can vote for Donald Trump?”

Shines instructed the crowd to watch his four-minute video in which he explains “why Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democratic party that gave blacks in America slavery, Jim Crow laws, Roe v. Wade, lynching.”

Shines continued, as the crowd roared in nonstop applause, saying, “They have stolen seven out of ten of our votes by putting Supreme Court justices in office that have discarded our vote about traditional marriage. And you ask me how I could vote for [Hillary Clinton]? Never in a million years.”

Shifting his criticism of Democratic party polices, Shines said, “Don’t you find it strange that the DNC part does not want blacks to have a choice even in their school. It’s okay if Chelsea [Clinton] goes to private school,” Shines said, “but it’s not okay for little poor white, black, and Latino children that are trapped in these impoverished school systems across our nation to have the same choice.”

After tying Hillary Clinton’s longstanding support to pro-abortion policies, eugenicist Margaret Sanger, and Planned Parenthood, Shines said, “Donald Trump will defund Planned Parenthood and stop the abortion in the womb of black, white, and Hispanic children.

Shines said President Obama’s “failed” and “feckless” tenure has left black Americans mired in economic morass.

“And Hillary Clinton wants to continue the same feckless programs,” Shines said. “I think America can do better than this.”

Last week, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Bishop Shines said, “As long as Trump can bring his message of change straight to the people, I think you’re going to see more black people voting for Trump than have voted for a Republican presidential nominee in decades.”

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