VIDEO: Bank Security Guard Shoots, Kills Masked Suspect

An unidentified sports shooter aims a Czech made CZ 9mm gun on a target at the shooting ra
AP/Petr David Josek

Video of an attempted bank robbery has been released showing a masked suspect entering the bank, announce his entrance by firing a round into the ceiling, and get shot dead by the bank’s security guard.

The suspect–34-year-old Laurence Turner–was allegedly attempting to rob Alpine Bank in Rockford, Illinois, on January 20 when he was killed.

The Daily Mail reports that the security guard–Brian Harrison–“is a retired Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department deputy.”

On March 14 Winnebago County State Attorney Joe Bruscato made clear that Harrison will face no charges in Turner’s death. Bruscato said Harrison acted “in self-defense and in the defense of others.”

Bullets struck Turner in his chest and his “buttocks.” And police have determined that the attempted robbery at Alpine Bank was “at least” the fourth robbery or attempted robbery in which Turner was involved in the three months prior to being killed.

According to RRStar,  Rockford Police Dan O’Shea provided details, saying, “Turner also robbed at gunpoint Rockford financial institutions and a retailer: Mincemoyer Jewelers on November 23, when a laptop was stolen; Harvard State Bank on Nov. 28, when an undisclosed amount of cash was taken; and Members Alliance Credit Union on Dec. 16, when money was stolen.”

Turner is alleged to have stolen his mother’s car and used it to drive to Alpine Bank on January 20.

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