Karen Handel Supporters Chant Trump’s Name After Special Election Victory

Handel Crowd AP

Supporters of Karen Handel chanted Donald Trump’s name after she clinched a decisive victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff in a special election held in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

After thanking Republican leaders for their support, Handel gave a “special thanks to the President of the United States of America,” which was greeted by chants of “TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP” by her audience.

“But let’s not forget our equally great Vice President, Mike Pence,” she added.

The election, which polls consistently suggested Handel was going to lose, was dubbed by Democrats and many on the left as a referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency.

Ossoff’s defeat is a humiliation for Democrats, who spent a record-breaking $24 million on the election, as well as receiving help from celebrities including Rosie O’Donnell, Jane Fonda, and Samuel L. Jackson, who donated time and money to the campaign.

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and close adviser Kellyanne Conway mocked those who described it as a referendum on Trump’s presidency, thanking “everyone who breathlessly and snarkily proclaimed #GA06 as a referendum on POTUS.”

“You were right,” she added.

Meanwhile, the president himself congratulated Handel on her victory and thanked Fox News for describing the win as a “huge win for President Trump and [the] GOP.

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