Exclusive — Corey Lewandowski: ‘At the End of the Day’ CNN ‘Will Lose’ War With President Trump

Corey Lewandowski, campaign manager for Donald Trump, gives the thumbs up as he leaves the
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Corey Lewandowski, President Donald Trump’s successful one-time campaign manager who later served as a CNN contributor for some time in 2016, is betting his former candidate will beat his former network in the larger looming war between the president and CNN.

“You know, Matt, I was there when we turned the lights on for the presidential campaign when they told us that Donald Trump didn’t have a chance, that he’d never win,” Lewandowski said on Breitbart News Saturday on Saturday morning on SiriusXM 125, the Patriot Channel. “And he said, ‘never give up.’ I think I would never bet against Donald Trump. He is a winner at everything he’s tried to accomplish, whether that’s in the literary world, the television world, whether it’s in cut-throat New York real estate business. I would never count him out. At the end of the day, the fight that he has ongoing with CNN is holding CNN accountable and my guess is their ratings will continue to fall because if you look at the public polling people no longer believe that they are an unbiased news source. Their bias—particularly, look, I saw Jim Acosta’s Tweet just two days ago when he said the president was only taking questions from friendly reporters to the White House. Well, I don’t think Hallie Jackson of NBC and MSNBC is a friendly reporter to the White House. This is, once again, CNN not trying to report the news but to be the news. And I think at the end of the day they will lose.”


Not only is CNN at war with President Trump and the American electorate’s choice for president, Lewandowski noted, but the deep state of entrenched officials in Washington—as detailed by a newly published Senate Homeland Security Committee report—is trying to undermine the administration with leaks as well.

“There’s no question that Jim Comey leaked information that he obtained while he was still the director of the FBI,” Lewandowski said, reacting to the new explosive report from the Homeland Security Committee. “If you look at the FBI’s manual that they sign, their employment agreement, it says you will not give up any information you obtain while you were employed or while you were employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Jim Comey is clearly part of the deep state. He is somebody who had access to information that he was not man enough to give directly to the media so he leaked it through a law professor that he knew would do this for him. But the bottom line is Jim Comey should be held accountable. He signed an employment agreement when he joined the FBI that said he would not disclose any information he received while he was either employed or after he was employed [for information] he received during his employment. He has clearly broken that. He has admitted to it publicly. The question is how many other times has Jim Comey leaked information? Was this the first time or was it a pattern? I think he needs to be held accountable and potentially prosecuted for the leaking of information because the deep state is very real and Jim Comey is at the head of that.”

Despite these internecine battles, however, Lewandowski noted that President Trump is succeeding on all fronts, including on getting the economy booming again.

“This is clearly a promises made, promises kept scenario where the president said ‘I will be the greatest jobs president God ever created,’ and the reason he has the ability to create jobs is because he is reducing government regulations, he’s stopping the bureaucrats from preventing job growth, he is incentivizing businesses to make large investments, he’s proposed the largest tax cut in the history of our country, and what the economy is seeing and what business owners are seeing is a pro-business CEO in the corner office who understands that getting government out of the way leads to job creation,” Lewandowski said, reacting to the highly successful new jobs numbers. “So, the stock market is through the roof, job creation numbers are greater than ever anticipated and what that means for the economy is we won’t grow at one percent anymore, we’re going to grow at three or four or five percent. And that will also help reduce our 20 trillion dollar deficit.”

Lewandowski also pointed to Trump’s meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto at the G20 Summit, where President Trump pledged that Mexico is “absolutely” paying for the border wall that is forthcoming, as another success.

“This is another promise made, promise kept,” Lewandowski said. “I can tell you this, one of the hallmarks of the presidential campaign when I was involved in it and one of the reasons that he was as successful as he was is because illegal immigrants have continued to pour across our southern border unstopped for eight years. They came here and they killed American citizens. What we saw was Kate’s Law passed the House of Representatives finally, to hold people accountable. We’ve seen border crossings are down 70 percent because [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions and [Homeland Security] Secretary [John] Kelly say we will enforce the law and if you come across the border we will catch you and you will be prosecuted. What Donald Trump said yesterday to the president of Mexico about how I am going to build this wall on the southern border is a promise I have made. Mexico will pay for this one way or the other and his job is to keep America safe from all enemies foreign and domestic and the way to do that is to build a wall on the southern border and make sure illegal aliens are not coming across the border and killing American citizens.”


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