Nikki Haley on Trump’s U.N. Speech: ‘He Slaps the Right People, He Hugs the Right People’

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley outlined concerns about the Iran nuclear deal to atomic experts

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley gave a preview of President Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly next week, telling reporters Friday that in the address, Trump “slaps the right people [and] hugs the right people.”

Haley made the remarks at the White House press briefing, in which she and national security adviser H.R. McMaster briefed the press on the administration’s schedule and hopes for next week’s General Assembly. Trump will address the Assembly on Tuesday and is scheduled to host a U.N. reform meeting on Monday.

Haley said that the reform efforts will be on the back of a new shift at the U.N., led by the U.S.

“It is a new day at the U.N., the U.N. has shifted over past several months, it’s not just about talking it’s about action,” she said. “The members are starting to get used to acting, whether it’s Security Council resolutions, whether it’s with U.N. reform, whether it’s peacekeeping, we are seeing a lot of changes at the U.N.”

Haley noted that the U.S. has trimmed half a billion dollars from the U.N. peacekeeping budget by making the efforts smarter and focusing on political solutions rather than just “throwing troops” (many of them ill-equipped) at problems.

McMaster indicated the message of the U.S. at the U.N. will focus on the goals of promoting peace, sovereignty, accountability, and prosperity.

“Sovereignty and accountability are the essential foundations of peace and prosperity,” he said. “America respects the sovereignty of other countries, expects other nations to do the same, and urges all governments to be accountable to their citizens.”

Asked specifically about Trump’s address to the General Assembly, and whether it mentions Iran and North Korea, Haley would not enter into specifics but confirmed that she had seen the speech.

“I personally think he slaps the right people, he hugs the right people, and he comes out with the U.S. being strong in the end,” she said.

Asked if Trump would commit to upholding U.S. funding to the U.N. at “full levels,” Haley smiled and said: “I think you’ll have to wait and see.”

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